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Turf Cafe: Back After A Long Time With The Spanish Latte And Chicken Fillet Burger

Its been a long time since I posted about the food at Turf Cafe… But I have been visiting sometimes though there was a long gap cause of the Covid situation… This time, I was here with my friend who has been recommending that I try the Spanish Latte thats available here… As can be seen in the pics below, clearly the place looks nice and clean as always with the dutch inspired interior… 🙂

The menu clearly has gone thru some changes… Last time, a complaint I had was that there weren’t enough Chicken options among burgers… However, in the menu I saw more Chicken options… So, I had to try one and so went for the Chicken Fillet Burger… In addition to that, I also got to try the Spanish Latte and I also went for the Mozzarella Fritters which is the starter I always get whenever I visit… Lastly, for dessert, we got their New York Cheesecake as well and basically shared everything…

So, lets talk about the food in detail and start with of-course the Mozzarella Fritters… I had and wrote about this item in the post I made when I visited this place for the very first time… As mentioned in the menu, its basically crispy fried Mozzarella Cheese Dumplings or Balls served along with a tangy Marinara Sauce… Well, as for the taste, I must say that they are really consistent, as in just like I mentioned in that old post, in each dumpling, there was the same seasoned stretchy Mozzarella Cheese inside a nice crispy breading outside along with the same tangy Tomato based Sauce… Typically at most places in India, the Marinara Sauce tends to be on the spicy side… However, this one, as always was on the tangy side and was seasoned just right and was served piping hot with a small twig of Parsley on top as can be seen in the pics below… Loved it as always and it still remains my favourite among the starters at this place 🙂

Next up is the Chicken Fillet Burger and if I am not entirely mistaken, its one of the new additions to their Burger menu… According to the menu, its a burger consisting of Deep Fried Chicken Patty, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes, Gherkins, Cheddar Cheese along with Mustard Mayo and Ketchup… Typically what we see in Chicken Fillet Burgers is a piece of Fried Chicken with bone ie, either the Breast or the Thigh meat but here however, as the menu mentioned, its a fried patty… Can’t complain much about the taste though as the patty was indeed quite flavourful thanks to the herbs used in it with the meat and was seasoned really well… It has been a while since I had a burger from this place and compared to last time, I found that the Corn Bun used was a lot lighter and fluffy… The lettuce and tomatoes used were clearly freshly cut and the Mustard Mayo felt to be one of the best versions of the same I have ever had and the combination of the flavours of it along with the Patty, its breading which was the same as the Mozzarella Fritters, the Tomatoes, Lettuce, Gherkins, Cheese along with the subtle taste of the Ketchup felt nice along with the Bun… The accompanying Fries were nice as always, being freshly fried and seasoned well…

The only complaint which we both felt, though a mild flaw is that towards the middle, the texture of the patty felt a bit dry and we both felt that the burger could use a touch more of the sauces and Cheese and the overall taste could be better… Still, we could enjoy the burger very well and personally I believe this is definitely, one of the better Burgers among the various Burger options available in Trivandrum… 🙂

Next, lets talk about the drinks… As you can see from the pics below, I had two drinks this time and before the famous sugar/fat shaming brigade jumps the wagon, in my defence (if it pleases the court that is 😛 ), being super sunny and hot during noon, I desperately needed a cold drink when I arrived at the place and thats why I had the Double Koffie while waiting for my friend to arrive… Basically its their Coffee Milkshake and it was nice with just the right amount of sweetness to coffee ratio… 🙂

Now, lets talk about the Spanish Latte which is why we came here this time… Spanish Latte, also known as Café con Leche is the drink made using Espresso along with Scalded Milk and sweetened with Condensed Milk and Sugar(optional)… Its known to be very popular among Spaniards who have it along with breakfast… Here, they have two variants of the Spanish Latte, ie, Hot and Cold versions… As can be seen in the pics below, it was the Cold version that we had and from what I could make out from the way they served it, they prepared the sweetened Milk and the topped it (hence the layers) with the Espresso and Condensed Milk along with a sprinkle of Coffee Powder and Ice…

Coming to the taste, first of all, while ordering, my friend had asked to have a touch extra Condensed Milk put and also to avoid the use of Whipped Cream (which I don’t like either) in the Lattes we got… Typically I like having Coffee with enough sweetness to balance the bitterness of the Coffee and so, I felt that the additional Condensed Milk really helped with having that perfect balance of flavours… I mean, I could feel the taste of the Coffee along with the taste of the milk and also the caramelised and sweet flavours of the Condensed Milk, all at equal levels and hence I really loved this particular version of the Spanish Latte… I think I will be asking for this version whenever I visit again… 🙂

Last but not least was the dessert we had which was their New York Cheesecake… Taste wise, this was just like any other New York Cheesecakes we get, though the texture was more soft and creamy… Sweetness was just right as well which balanced the sourness of the Cheese…

So, thats it for now… Overall, it was a nice and comfortable lunch for me that I could enjoy… There are quite a number of new items in the menu that I would like to try in my future visits… Hopefully soon… Meanwhile, feel free to visit the place and try these and let me know in the comments section below… 🙂

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