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Turf Cafe: Sumo Chicken Burger, Chicken & Waffles And Caramel Chocolate Tart

The Turf Cafe has pretty much become a regular spot for me and my friend cause of the food they serve over there in addition to their drinks… A couple of days ago, I saw their announcement in social networks about the introduction of a new burger which they call as the Sumo… So, when I got the chance to visit yesterday, I got to try it and here we are 🙂

Now that I am writing this post, I am also including two other recently introduced items in their menu which I got to try from previous visits that I liked, which are the Chicken & Waffles and the Caramel Chocolate Tart… They were served as can be seen in the pics below… 🙂

So, first lets talk about the reason why we are here… The newly introduced Sumo Chicken Burger… According to the staff there, its a burger made with a Cheesy Griddled Chicken Patty along with Chicken Bacon… It was served like how they usually serve burgers, along with some Fries and Ketchup as can be seen in the pics below… It seemed to have in addition to the Cheesy Patty and Bacon, some Lettuce, Tomato Slices, Gherkin Slices and some Lightly Caramelised Onions… The sauce used appeared to be their Smoky Mayo… The Fries were of-course their usual regular Fries that we have talked about in the previous post… Coming to the taste of this Burger, well first of all, the bun was incredibly soft and airy that literally just melted in my mouth… The Patty was nicely seasoned and was quite flavourful thanks to the herbs they used when making it… To be frank, when the staff said that its Bacon, I expected that Bacon to be crispy… But instead it just felt like eating a really good Chicken Ham… The vegetables used clearly tasted fresh and overall, I felt all the flavours stayed clean and perfectly balanced… I rate this burger as definitely one of the best I have ever had… The only thing I don’t understand about this Burger however is the name Sumo Burger… 🙂

Next, lets talk about the Chicken & Waffles… Though various forms of Chicken & Waffles are said to have existed since the 1600s, this one, ie, the one made that pairs Fried Chicken with Waffles is considered a popular item in the Soul Food Cuisine and is said to have been invented at the Wells Supper Club at Harlem, New York… However, in-spite of the American origin story, nowadays, the dish is more popular in Canada as a Breakfast item… Essentially it consists of Waffles and Fried Chicken and is topped or accompanied with condiments such as Maple Syrup, Ketchup, Butter, Cream, Honey, Bacon, Sweet Chilly Sauce, Gravy, etc… In the version thats served here, first of all, they said that typically they serve Fried Chicken Breast as part of the Chicken & Waffles… However, in this particular instance, they ran out of Chicken Meat and so offered to make using the Leg Meat and the result is as can be seen in the pics below… Regarding the taste, first of all, the Waffle was soft and fluffy like before… It is the classic style Waffle after all… The Waffle appeared to have been topped with some Maple Syrup… The Chicken was cooked perfectly and was incredibly juicy and flavourful being seasoned just right… The breading was thick but not too thick for me… The Chicken seemed to have been topped with a Spicy Chilly based Ketchup and so, when you eat the Chicken and Waffles together, you get this incredibly nice balance of sweet, spicy and savoury (with umami from the Chicken) flavours which if you ask me is really nice and in-fact, both my friend and I loved it so much that we asked for a second portion… Its a must try and I for one am hoping to have again soon…

Last but not least, lets talk about the recently introduced dessert item, namely the Caramel Chocolate Tart… The owner was the one who suggested that I try this… As can be seen from the pics below, it does indeed look like any other Chocolate Fudge Tart but of-course when it comes to taste, its very clear from the first bite that its not a typical Chocolate Fudge Tart cause you get a strong taste of Caramel along with Chocolate… In-fact, the taste of Caramel and Chocolate is equally strong in this one… The base of the tart was indeed having that crumble texture that we see in most tarts… Obviously since Caramel is involved, this dessert is definitely on the very sweet side… But still as a dessert, it is enjoyable…

Thats it for now… As mentioned above, these are indeed worth trying from Turf Cafe and I for one was able to enjoy them very well and am hoping to be able to try again in my future visits… Feel free to do the same… 🙂

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