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Turf – Waffles

Last time, when I visited the Turf Cafe, as I was leaving, I noticed that they have Waffles in their menu… So, when I got the chance to visit the place again today, I decided to try it… According to the menu, they make Waffles with options of Bananas, Nutella, Whipped Cream and a Choice of Ice Cream as topping… The choices of Ice Cream available as mentioned by the waiter are Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry… So, I went for all the toppings and as for the Ice Cream choice, I chose the Strawberry Ice Cream… So, the whole thing came as shown in the pics below…

So, basically its a single Waffle, whose length and breadth was about the size of a Sandwich Bread slice… As can be seen, there was a scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream and some Whipped Cream to one side and the rest of the Waffles were topped with slices of Banana and the whole thing was topped with a very generous portion of Nutella and then some Sugar sprinkled on as well 🙂

First of all, the Waffle was exactly like how I had from abroad as well as from when I used to live in Mumbai with the incredibly authentic texture of being crispy on the outside, with a very thin crispy outer layer, while being incredibly soft and fluffy inside… Classic Waffle indeed which was very lightly sweetened… The Strawberry Ice Cream was incredibly rich and creamy and to my surprise, rather than just flavoured, this Ice Cream had actual Strawberries in it… The Whipped Cream was incredibly lite and airy and also slightly sweetened… The Bananas were perfect and of course there is no need to say about Nutella, rt?

Anyways, the combination of the Waffle along with the Banana and the Strawberry Ice Cream and the Chocolatey Nutella is something that I felt to be working incredibly well… Strawberries and Chocolate as well as Bananas with Chocolate are two of the classic combinations after all and so nothing can go wrong there 🙂 Regarding the Whipped Cream, especially with the Ice Cream present, felt like the odd one as I didn’t think it contributes anything to the dish… Without the Ice Cream however, I felt it balanced out the sweetness of the Nutella a bit…

My only problem with this dish is the amount of Nutella added, which felt a bit too much for me… I think considering the Ice Cream, the amount of Nutella added could’ve been reduced as to me personally it felt like the Nutella was dominating the overall taste of the dish…

So, altogether I really liked the Waffle dish and my suggestion to the Turf Cafe’s Chef and Management is to have more topping options like other fruits like Strawberries, Grapes, etc and maybe even the classic Maple Syrup option instead of the Nutella and so on and maybe even try the Savoury options as well as you have managed to bring in the authentic Waffles and so it would be a shame to have it underused… 🙂 Anyways, I’ll definitely be looking forward to having it again… 🙂


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