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Spice Trail By Avoki: An Indo-Chinese Lunch

It was a pleasant surprise to see the Spice Trail restaurant at Avoki Resorts to be available in the food delivery apps when searching for options for lunch this time… It has been a long since I have enjoyed their food last time and I had been looking for it ever since too… So, its just me and my mom at home and having seen this place as available, we decided to try having their food again… So, we placed the order for their Veg Spring Rolls for my mom (ordered two portions so that I can have a bit to taste as well) and for me, I went for their Schezwan Fried Rice and Chicken Manchurian… They arrived as shown in the pics below…

So, first lets talk about the Spring Rolls… This place only has the vegetarian version… I must confess that I was very surprised to see French Fries being included with Spring Rolls… I felt they were nice with the Fries being quite soft inside with a very thin crispy outer layer, which is how I like Potato Chips… As for the Spring Rolls themselves, I was skeptical when I saw them because, unlike the Vietnamese kind or that Chinese inspired Egg roll kind, this type of Wonton Sheet rolls is the type of Spring Rolls which I don’t really like to have… The reason is simply that I never liked the ones I have had so far that were made like this cause they all were too oily outside with the filling inside being soggy and diluted thanks to the steam condensation as the result of using cold (mostly leftover) noodles as part of the fillings… Also this type can be quite notorious when you reheat later too… So, coming back to this particular Spring Rolls, sadly it felt pretty much the same but thankfully the insides were not not as soggy as the others… The filling again had noodles (thankfully didn’t taste old) along with vegetables and herbs but I felt the flavours were spot on… So, turned out I ended up wishing that this spring roll was made in that egg roll form using the same filling… My mom on the other hand said that she liked it very much as it is…

Next up is the Schezwan Fried Rice that I ordered for myself… Normally I tend to avoid this type of Fried Rice even though I like the flavour of the Schezwan chillies… This is simply because in 99% of the places in India, when you order anything with the word Schezwan in their menu, what you get is an overload of dried Red Chillies and Red Chilly Powder and the item ends up being extremely spicy… However, last time, one of the noodles that we got did have was Schezwan Noodles and it wasn’t too spicy for me… Thats why I went for this, this time… Coming to this Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice that I got, even though there were a few Dried Red Chillies, I felt that it did have the flavour of the Sichuan Peppercorns in it and the overall fried rice wasn’t too spicy, even though I felt it to be spicier than the noodles I had last time… One thing I noticed is that compared to most places, the amount of Scrambled Eggs and Chicken used were much less than usual… But its ok as the flavours of the same were all there intact… Seasoning felt perfect too… So, safe to say that I liked this one very much ๐Ÿ™‚

Last but not least was the Chicken Manchurian curry, which is one of the most popular items from the Indo-Chinese cuisine… Typically this is a mildly spicy savoury dish made with Chinese style Chicken Meat Balls (made with Minced Chicken Meat along with herbs and fried using Corn Flour batter) in a rich sauce made with a lot of Ginger, Garlic, Green Chillies, vegetables and typically, Soy, Tomato and Chilly sauces along with bit of curry powder and thickened with Corn Starch… Here however, instead of the meat balls, it was just pieces of batter fried Chicken in the thick gravy which seems to have been made as expected but compared to most had more sweetness in its taste… I liked this sweetness as it helped in balancing the spiciness of the Fried Rice… The Chicken Pieces were perfectly cooked but the one thing is that I wish they were boneless… Otherwise, no complaints and I ended up liking the combination of this with the fried rice… ๐Ÿ™‚

So, thats it this time… Loved the meal overall and I for one am hoping to try more from their menu soon… ๐Ÿ™‚

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