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Ambadi Hotel & Takeaway: A Lite Naadan Breakfast

So, its yet another day thats just perfect to order breakfast and this time I chose a new place, as in new for me… Its called Ambadi Hotel & Takeaway, said to be located at Chakkalamukku near Sreekaryam… I have been seeing this place show up once in a while in the food delivery app that I use but I thought today would be a perfect opportunity to try and here we are πŸ™‚

Basically, its a limited menu, as it is with pretty much all the restaurants here when it comes to breakfast and among the few that was available, I chose their Dosas and along with it bought some Green Peas curry and also the Ulli Curry, which is a popular curry made with Onions… The following pic shows a couple of the Dosas and the curries that I got to have as my breakfast today… πŸ™‚

Coming to taste, the reason I decided to write this post is because of the fact that everything tasted quite good for my taste… Of-course as can be judged from how the items look in the pics, its clear that we are not looking at something which is sort of what we can consider as extravagant or rich for that matter; but instead its the sheer simplicity in the use of the ingredients and that resulting simple, clean and lite flavours that are brutally honest, in the sense that it is essentially a what you see is exactly what you get situation…

So, coming to the Dosa, this one is pretty much like any other, what we call as the “Thattu Dosa” but with just the right amount of sourness resulting from the fermentation process done just right, and of-course the right amount of seasoning as well… The only problem was that though the flavours were just right and even the colour on the Dosa was just right, sadly it was ever so slightly undercooked inside towards the middle… When I discovered that, I put the dosas up in the microwave for a min and it was done… As for the curries, the Green Peas curry had a nice and pleasant taste by which I mean that the spice usage and seasoning was just right and was neither high nor low… The flavour of the Peas used, which I found to be the dried kind which is my favourite, was the most prominent one in the flavour profile followed by the flavour of the carrots used and then ofcourse the mustard seeds and the onions and the masala that was used… It felt like they used the typical Vegetable Curry powder for this… All the ingredients felt to have been cooked well as opposed to most places where the dried peas tend to stay hard… As for the Ulli Curry, this one was completely different from the Onion curries that I have had before from Trivandrum… In the version I have been seeing usually, they tend to caramelise the onions a lot more and then have much higher usage of spices especially the black pepper, giving the overall Ulli Curry a dark colour to it thats at-least very close to black… Here we have a red curry thanks to the use of Red Chilly powder and the onions not being that caramelised… I think they stuck to having it golden brown instead… So, the flavour of the Red Chilly Powder was what I felt to be dominating this curry, so much that it seemed to overpower the flavour of the Onions as well… I also felt a slight sourness and sweetness which made me think that they have added in some Tomatoes (in puree form as I couldn’t find any pieces) as well to this… Rest of the flavours were of the usual Ginger-Garlic-Green Chillies combo along with of-course the typical Chilly Powder-Turmeric with Mustard Seeds and Curry Leaves tempering… Again, it wasn’t very spicy and felt to be medium… The sweetness and sourness from the Tomatoes have clearly mellowed the heat from the Chillies used…

So, thats it for now… I felt overall that it was a decent rustic breakfast to have for any Malayali, especially the ones from the south πŸ™‚ Hopefully soon, I’ll get to try some more from the rest of their menu… So, in the meantime, feel free to try this and let me know in the comments section below… πŸ™‚

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