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Spicebridge Restaurant: Finally The First Visit With Nasi Goreng

Its been a while since I started having food from Spicebridge Restaurant delivered at home and having liked the food, I had been meaning to visit the restaurant… However, due to the pandemic situation I couldn’t and it has been only quite recently that dine in started being allowed by the government… So, yesterday, I finally got the opportunity to visit the restaurant and here we are… 🙂

Basically Spicebridge is the restaurant of the hotel called Homebridge Hotel & Suites, a premium business hotel owned and run by SFS Homes, a popular construction firm in Kerala and they do have this hotel setup in multiple locations where they have a cluster of properties managed by them… So, this particular restaurant that I visited is the one located near the Infosys campus, in the commercial complex right next to the SFS Cyber Palms gate… As can be seen from the pics below, the restaurant did look well maintained and clean… I guess it is because of the odd timing of my visit that I happened to be the only customer there at that time… 🙂

When I checked the menu, I realised that the menu available in the food delivery apps is indeed a subset of the full menu as I had heard before and it is a fine multi-cuisine menu… In addition to the regular menu, they had a weekend special menu which as per the staff over there keeps changing every weekend and in the special menu this time, I found an item that peaked my interest and that was the Nasi Goreng… So, decided to go ahead with it and as a starter, chose the Cream of Mushroom soup from the regular menu… Both of them arrived as can be seen in the pics below… 🙂

So, first lets talk about the soup… The soup I went for as I mentioned above is their Cream of Mushroom Soup, primarily cause its a soup that I have not seen in their delivery apps menu and hence was curious to try… So, as can be seen in the pics below, it turned out to be a thick and creamy soup thats loaded with Mushrooms… Of-course as usual, it was indeed the button mushrooms and I was left wondering why restaurants seldom use other kinds of mushrooms ever… The seasoning and flavours were spot on for me and the only issue I felt was the use of corn starch to thicken the soup which left some lumps of corn starch in it… Might as well avoid using it altogether and this would’ve been an awesome soup, if you ask me 🙂

Next up is the Nasi Goreng platter thats from the weekend specials this time… According to the menu, its the new years weekend specials and as for the Nasi Goreng, its served with Chicken Satay, Prawns and a Fried Egg and also a salad and dessert… Nasi Goreng as many of you may know is that Indonesian / Malaysian (dispute still going on as far I hear) Fried Rice thats the most popular worldwide… Here, it arrived as shown in the pics below and I guess they went for serving Prawns Satay instead of the Krupuk Udang (Prawn Crackers) thats typically served with Nasi Goreng… The Satay is of-course one of the national dishes of Indonesia and so it makes sense to include it in the Platter, though I didn’t expect Satay made with Prawns here… I must say it was cute to see yolk of the fried egg decorated like that 🙂

Coming to the taste, I ended up liking the rice as I felt it ended up being one of the better versions of Nasi Goreng that I have had in Trivandrum… It essentially felt like a Chicken Fried Rice made with Dried Shrimp and Shrimp Paste as expected when it comes to Nasi Goreng and the Shrimp paste’s flavour felt spot on along with Peanut oil whose fragrance was very much present throughout the fried rice… Everything felt to have been cooked well, including the fried egg as can be seen in the pics… I felt that this rice being flavourful and seasoned so well, didn’t need any curries and so the accompanying salad was just perfect for it as the fresh salad helped balance the richness of the rice… As for the Chicken Satay and Prawn Satay, the Chicken Satay was fine though one of them ended up being a bit overcooked… But the flavour was nice… Only problem was that the accompanying Peanut based sauce ended up being too salty for my taste… As for the Prawns Satay, though it looked like a Satay, the taste was more like an Indian Tandoori dish ie, it felt like they used that same marination that we see typically with Tangdi Kebabs and sadly, it too felt too salty for my taste… Of-course, the Nasi Goreng is expected to be the star of this platter and in my opinion, it really ended up being and hence, no complaints… I just hope that when they do this again, hopefully the salt levels will be ok… 🙂

Last but not least is the dessert that was served with the Nasi Goreng Platter… From the appearance and texture, I got a bit confused on whether its a Plum Cake or an Eve’s Pudding… But turns out its somewhere in between the two and hence, lets call it a Rich Plum Pudding Cake… It felt nice to have it… Incredibly soft and jam packed with the fruits and had enough sweetness to satisfy the cravings of any sweet tooth 🙂

So, thats it for now… I felt that the Spicebridge restaurant is a place worth visiting again and having enjoyed their food fresh, I am sure I’ll be back for more, especially since there are more items from their menu that I want to try… Hopefully, soon… 🙂

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