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Spicebridge Restaurant: Chicken Cordon Bleu And Grilled Chicken With Mushroom Sauce Along With Tom Yum Kung

Having enjoyed the first visit to Spicebridge Restaurant, it really was a no brainer when choosing the spot for lunch and this time I was back here with my friend… So, even though I went for an item from the weekend special menu last time, I had noticed a couple of items from their menu which I wanted to try when I am back here and those were the Tom Yum Kung from their Soups list and also their Chicken Cordon Bleu about which I recently saw a fellow food blogger post about and peaked my interest… My friend was interested in having a chicken dish this time and as we were browsing the menu, both the Cordon Bleu and also the Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce seemed interesting and hence we decided to get both along with the Tom Yum Kung and shared everything… The pics below show the food as they arrived and that Cold Coffee was what I had to drink while waiting for my friend to arrive 😛

So, lets start by talking about the Tom Yum Kung… Tom Yum is a very popular Thai soup thats very well known for its Tanginess and Spiciness and for being so vibrant with rich colours representing everything about the Thai culture in general… For those who may be unaware, Tom Yum is typically a hot and spicy soup made using Shrimp or Prawns (ie, Tom Yum Goong, though there are other versions like Tom Yum Gai, made with Chicken) along with Kaffir Lime Leaves, Lemongrass, Tomatoes, Chillies, Galangal (usually substituted with regular Ginger in most places where Galangal is not available), Lime Juice, Fish Sauce, etc… Its a very healthy soup made with fresh vegetables added to it…

As for the Tom Yum that we got here, they seemed to have nailed that Tom Yum broth as that signature tanginess and spiciness have been replicated… Though the Prawns ended up being slightly on the rubbery side, the rest of the ingredients including the vegetables ie, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Red Chillies, Ginger, Coriander, Lemongrass, etc were all tasting incredibly fresh and flavourful… Overall, felt like a really good soup to have that I felt could also be a great remedy for Cold and Soar Throat… 🙂

Next, lets talk about the Chicken Cordon Bleu… As per the menu, its served with Roasted Potatoes… Avid followers of this blog may have read about a version of this dish I had tried and wrote about earlier… For those who may not be aware, essentially Cordon Bleu refers to Cordon Bleu Schnitzel, which is a very popular Swiss dish made essentially by wrapping flattened meat over cheese and then fried with breading… Its essentially a Schnitzel with stuffing consisting of Cheese as the main ingredient and typically Ham or Bacon is also included inside… There are many variations to this dish based on the ingredients used…

Here, the version is made with Chicken and inside, it was a Cheese and Cream (Béchamel made with Cheese as well maybe) based filling along with a layer of Chicken Ham… But because of the way it was presented however, looking like a giant Cutlet rather than a wrap, on seeing the post by that food blogger I mentioned, it kind of reminded me of the Chicken Kiev, though as you cut into this, what comes out is not the Parsley Butter but rather the Creamy Cheesy filling 🙂 As can be seen in the pics below, it was served along with Roasted Potatoes and Bell Peppers… Coming to the taste, it really tasted as good as it looks… The Cordon Bleu was nice and crispy on the outside with the creamy cheesy filling gushing out as we cut into it for each bite… The Chicken meat itself was incredibly juicy and the seasoning in all of the layers, ie, the filling, the Ham, the Chicken meat and also the breading was spot on… The Bell Peppers was indeed fresh and had that nice sweetness to its taste… As for the Roasted Potatoes, I must confess that it was the best tasting pieces of Potatoes that I have ever had… Clearly the Potatoes were of great quality to begin with and the roasting seems to have been perfect with just the right amount of caramelisation giving it a very thin crispy outer layer while the inside was incredibly soft that it literally felt like it melted in my mouth… Seasoning was just right to be able to enjoy the taste/flavour of the Potatoes as well… Overall, loved this dish and I think I will be having it again next time 🙂

Next up is the Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce… According to the menu, its served with Steamed Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes… When I saw this in the menu, I got reminded of the version of the same item I had and enjoyed some time ago… Essentially, here, its a full boneless (unless you count that one collar bone there) Chicken Breast thats grilled with herbs (Rosemary in this case) and seasonings and then served with the Mushroom Sauce poured over it and then accompanied by the Vegetables and Mashed Potato and here, as can be seen in the pics below, also has a sauce which looks like a Beetroot sauce and the Chicken appears to have been topped with some Rosemary and Béchamel…

Coming to the taste, first of all, unfortunately, the Chicken ended up being a bit overcooked… But still I felt that it was seasoned just right… The Vegetables were all clearly freshly cut and cooked and hence were quite flavourful and I felt the flavour of Rosemary throughout the dish… The highlight of this platter if you ask me was two things… The Mushroom Sauce and the Mashed Potatoes… The Mushroom sauce felt like the best component on the plate with it being incredibly rich with the flavour of the Mushrooms and the Béchamel appeared to complement the earthy flavour of the Mushrooms and take the whole thing up a couple of notches in terms of taste… In fact, both me and my friend felt that its so good that it really makes up for the Chicken being overcooked when it comes to the overall taste… As for the mashed potatoes, it was again, like that roasted potatoes from the previous dish, were incredibly flavourful and the texture was quite creamy… In fact both of us loved the combination of the Mashed Potatoes with the Mushroom-Béchamel sauce mix… I really wish that Chicken was not overcooked cause if that had been cooked perfectly, this would’ve been an epic level dish… Once again, the seasonings in everything was just spot on… I am hoping that in the next time I get to try this, the Chicken wouldn’t have the problem… 🙂

Last but not the least, lets talk about the Cold Coffee… Turns out I ended up reaching earlier than my friend and feeling quite a bit thirsty, I had this to drink while waiting… To be frank, its a decent Cold Coffee thats just like the Cold Coffee milkshakes thats can be seen in most restaurants in Trivandrum… Not exceptional but not bad in anyway either… Sweetness level and strength of the Coffee used was ok and not too much…

So, thats it for now… Once again, a fine meal from the Spicebridge Restaurant thats near the SFS Cyber Palms campus… Even before visiting, I had been ordering home deliveries from them for some time and I am been pretty much happy with most of the food that I have had… Of-course there are still more that I think is worth exploring in their menu… Hopefully soon 🙂

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