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Spicebridge Restaurant: Chicken Hawaiian Salad And Good Old Fish ‘n’ Chips

It has been a long time since I had any western food… So, today, in order to order food for lunch, I was checking out the menu of Spicebridge restaurant and I found a few such options that seems to be a recent addition to their menu as I had never seen them there… So, I got their Chicken Hawaiian Salad and their Fish ‘n’ Chips today and they arrived as shown in the pics below… 🙂

First, lets talk about the Chicken Hawaiian Salad… Typically, its a sweet salad made with Lettuce along with some tropical fruits especially Pineapple and then dressed with Mayo or Cottage Cheese or Whipped Cream… Here, what I got is a minimised version, dressed with Mayo and has pieces of Chicken along with Green Onions, Lettuce and Pineapple… I have seen versions where Canned Pineapple are used, but here they have used fresh Pineapple… The Chicken felt to be perfectly cooked and seasoned… The sweetness from the Pineapple could be felt throughout the salad and the Mayo felt rich indeed… However, I felt that they could’ve used lesser amount of Mayo as I felt that it was too much for my taste… Otherwise, loved it…

Next up is the Fish ‘n’ Chips… This has been one of my favourite things to eat thats made with Fish… Quite simple to make too as its just battered and fried fillet of Fish (Fish Orly) accompanied by Potato Chips… Its a snack item thats native to Scotland but while they make proper Scottish style chips, here pretty much everywhere, we get French Fries as part of Fish ‘n’ Chips… So, as can be seen from the pics, that has been the case with what I got today as well… Regarding the taste, unfortunately I couldn’t identify the fish that was used… At times I felt like its Basa while other times I felt it might be Cobia as well… But couldn’t be 100% sure which it was… Among the fishes I have had in this form, Pomfret has been my favourite… There was some seasoning applied with salt and some peppers… The accompanying Tartar sauce felt just like any other, filled with tanginess and the same goes for the Fries… The only complaint I had was that the batter was not even throughout the pieces and in some areas felt too thick when compared to the thickness and size of the Fish inside… Otherwise, again, loved it 🙂

So, thats it for today… Two items that I ended up enjoying in-spite of its very minor issues… I am hoping to be able to try the rest of their western food options soon… In the meantime, feel free to try these and let me know in the comments section below… 🙂

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