Spicehaus By Kaffeehaus: The Easter Special


So, Happy Easter Everyone !!! 🙂 A few days ago, I saw an ad / announcement from the team at Spicehaus about the availability of an Easter special “Meal for One” menu where they have essentially a set of Combos namely the Vegetarian Meal for One, Chicken Meal for One and the Spicehaus Special Meal for One… So, we decided to try especially since, there were a few new items which weren’t there in their menu so far… So, we bought the Vegetarian and Chicken versions for all of us here (the Special Meal had Beef and Mutton, neither of which we eat) and here we are… 🙂

So, lets talk about the food and start with the starters… According to the menu, the starter for the Vegetarian Meal for One consists of Veg Cutlet and Salad and in case of the Chicken Meal for One, Chicken Cutlet instead of the Veg one… The following set of pics show a Veg Cutlet along with the Salad and a couple of the Chicken Cutlets as well… Coming to the taste, the salad was ok… Clearly the vegetables were fresh and seasoned just right… The Cutlets were the stars… Both the Vegetarian and Chicken Cutlets were simply amazing for me – cooked perfectly and seasoned just right… Both of them had clean flavours and so I could taste all the ingredients separately… The key difference between them that I observed is that while in the Veg cutlet, the vegetables could be seen as individual pieces, in the Chicken Cutlet, all I could see was Potato and Minced Chicken meat… The Minced Chicken tasted like the kind of smooth Mince thats used usually for making Chicken Nuggets but I felt that this one’s flavours were much better than any of the others I have even had… The breading was super thin and slightly crispy and both the cutlets were very soft and delicate to the point of them essentially disintegrating at the slightest touch… And of-course it felt that they were melting in my mouth when eating… All of us here simply loved them and are hoping that they continue selling the cutlets as part of their regular menu so that we can buy whenever we feel the craving for them… 🙂

As per the menu, the Main Course consists of two parts… The first part consists of Appam for both the Vegetarian and Chicken Meals for One along with Veg Stew in the case of the Vegetarian Meal and Chicken Stew in the case of the Chicken Meal… The following set of pics show those items… These items are already part of their regular menu and we have had them before… So, the appam tasted exactly as always being soft and sticky with a slight sweetness and sourness in its taste… The only difference between the Veg Stew and Chicken stew has been that the Chicken Stew comes with pieces of Chicken in it… The same was felt today too… I personally like the this version of the Kerala style stew where instead of it being about just the coconut milk and vegetables and herbs, there is also a slight spice kick from the use of the Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Clove which is also how my mom makes this at home most of the time for Appams… So, no complaints about this one… 🙂

Now coming to the second part of the Main Course, we have a slight problem… As per the menu, this second part for the Vegetarian Meal is supposed to be Vegetable Pulao with Raitha, Pickle and Papad… However, the package that arrived only had Raitha with the Pulao and the Pickle and Papad were missing… But its ok for us, since these days, we are avoiding both Pickles and Papad out of health reasons and personal preference… Besides, if you ask me, Papads tend to get soggy by the time parcels reach home and so the whole point of having them gets lost anyways, right?? 🙂 Anyways, as for the Chicken Meal, this second part consists of Neichoru and Chicken Roast… The following set of pics show these second part items… Coming to taste, we ended up liking all of them… The Vegetable Pulao ended up being the best tasting Vegetable Pulao we have ever had so far… The flavours were just perfect and I personally felt that it didn’t even need the Raitha and could be enjoyed as it is, making me wonder if they ended up doing a smart thing by skipping the Pickle and Papad cause, if you ask me, I strongly believe that they would’ve ruined the taste of the Pulao if used… The Raitha was fine and tasted fresh as well… As for the Neichoru, I felt that it was good as well but decent level good as I have had better Neichoru versions before (being a North Keralite that is)… I felt it needed a bit more flavour and fragrance of Ghee in it and the rice ended up being a tiny bit overcooked for me… Coming to the Chicken Roast, I can report that we all loved it (the non-vegetarians that is)… The Chicken was cooked perfectly and I loved this as much as their Egg Roast about which I had written previously… Being Chicken version I guess, the flavours were more concentrated, which I felt worked nicely with the given Neichoru…

Last but not the least is the dessert which is the same for both Vegetarian and Chicken Meal as per the menu… However, according to that menu, the dessert is supposed to be Fruit Salad with Custard… However, as can be seen the pics below, what arrived was just the Fruit Salad without Custard… I of-course can only guess the staff there ended up being overwhelmed and its too late to complain now cause until I referred to the menu again for the purpose of preparing this post, I didn’t realise that Custard was supposed to be there 😛 Anyways, I can’t complain about the taste nevertheless as the Fruit Salad ended up being quite yummy with really good quality fresh fruits with not too much sweetening added… However, I do wish they hadn’t put in Tomato and Cucumber in it as I felt that they didn’t work with the fruits used… Come to think of it, I think the fact that they missed the Custard ended up being a blessing in disguise cause personally, I think the Cucumber and Tomato would’ve ruined its taste…

So, as can be seen from the pics below, the whole thing turned out to be a fabulous lunch for us, I personally did end up enjoying all of the items and my favourites of-course were the Cutlets and the Pulao… As I mentioned before, I am hoping to be able to taste more of them soon…

So, once again, Happy Easter to all !!!

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