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Kaffeehaus Cloud Kitchen: An Eggy Breakfast

Today, when thinking of what to order for breakfast, I ended up checking out the menu of Kaffeehaus Cloud Kitchen and found a couple of new breakfast options, namely the Scrambled Eggs and also the Omelette, both served with toasted bread… Of-course, my dad prefers something naadan and so there was the option of Egg Roast that we have had from their Spicehaus menu before… So, went for the same and got some Puttu to go with it as well… They arrived as shown in the pics below…

First of all, lets talk about the Omelette… As per the menu, its a 2 egg omelette served with Toasted Bread… The Omelette was a simple one… Nothing fancy… Seasoned nicely with salt and pepper… The only problem I felt that they ended up overcooking it and caused it to loose the fluffiness and ended up being dry… The Bread, even though had a nice taste and was crispy, unfortunately, also felt dry… I think it needed a lot more butter… 🙂

Next up is the Scrambled Eggs… Again, as per menu, said to be made with 2 Eggs and served with Toasted Bread… First of all the, quantity of the Scrambled Eggs looked to be more than how it would normally be if made with just 2 eggs… The eggs were slightly overcooked in some parts especially the outer layer, but inside, however, it was very fluffy and cooked just right, as can be seen from the pics below… The seasoning was spot on as well… I also felt a nice fragrance and flavour of Butter from it, which I couldn’t, in the omelette… Overall, I loved this one and am hoping to get it again soon… The Bread however, was dry just like the ones that came with the Omelette…

Last but not least was the naadan eggy breakfast that I got for my dad, which is the Egg Roast along with Puttu from the Spicehaus section of their menu… We have had the Egg Roast earlier but this was the first time, we tried having it with their Puttu… I felt that the Egg Roast’s masala was a lot more reduced compared to last time, even to the point of it being almost dry which ended up intensifying the flavours which I ended up loving very much… The egg was cooked at the perfect hard boiled consistency as well… The Puttu ended up being one, having one of the best taste and texture that I have ever had from outside my home… It was at that perfect state of being slightly firm to touch from outside while also being soft and fluffy inside, once broken down for mixing with the curry to eat… Normally, I don’t like dry curries with Puttu, but this combination ended up being an exception thanks to the flavours… I think its a must try combo if you haven’t already and I for one am hoping to be able to try this again next time we order breakfast from this place… 🙂

So, altogether, this was another great breakfast thanks to the team at Kaffeehaus Cloud Kitchen… I can say that it did end up satisfying the craving for eggs that both me and my dad had well… I for one am hoping to be able to get more of the Scrambled eggs soon… If you haven’t tried these, please feel free to try and let me know in the comments section below… 🙂

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