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Nissin Rich Seafood Curry Cup Noodles

Its been a while since I last reviewed an instant noodles option and the reason is that there is no point in reviewing the regular run of the mill stuff which everyone already knows about, right?? This time however, I found a new product which I had been hoping to get for quite some time but haven’t been able to find in the stores here so far… Its the Rich Seafood Curry Cup Noodles from Nissin as can be seen in the pic below… I think this would be the first time I saw a Seafood based instant noodles here… From what I had heard, this noodles is based on Japanese Curry just like the Curry Noodles products sold by Nissin… While I have had Japanese Chicken Curry before, I had not had a Seafood version ever before and I felt this product should be able to give me an idea of what it tastes like…

According to the ingredients in the pack, there is Cabbage, Shrimp and Spring Onion, all dehydrated as is always the case with Instant Noodle packs… Japanese Curry for those who may not know is an adaptation of the concept of the Indian inspired “Madras Curry Powder” based “Curry”, that is said to have been introduced in Japan by the British, back during the Meiji period… Over time, the recipe of the Curry Sauce evolved to cater to the Japanese palette and became less spicy with a bit of sweetness to it… Typically the Curry or rather Karē sauce is made thick using meat and vegetables and then eaten along with Rice, Pickle and other kinds of meats – typically beef or pork… Based on the ingredients mentioned in the pack, it looks like they went for a Chicken (probably because we are in India and because of the legal restrictions) based Curry Sauce (dehydrated powdered version of-course), cause of the use of the Dried Chicken Powder and they appear to have used Dried Mango Powder as well, to bring a bit of Sweet and Sour taste to go with the Shrimp…

Now, coming to the taste, first of all, the given Shrimp pieces tasted sweet as if candied using Sugar Syrup (possibly for preservation purpose)… But again, when you have it with the sauce, it surprisingly tasted good for me as the flavours appeared to balance each other and give a nice whats known as the umami feel as expected… Since the sauce or rather gravy is Chicken based, overall, it felt like a Surf n’ Turf situation where you get the combination of Shrimp and Chicken, which is known to work well together… The noodles turned out to be great and cooked perfectly and so were the vegetables ie, Cabbage and Spring Onion… I was surprised to see that the Cabbage was crunchy as if fresh… As for the flavours of the Curry itself, it felt like a combination of our Garam Masala and Chaat Masala, but very mellowed out and gentle to the tastebuds, along with the taste of Tomato, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Pepper, Soy, Herbs (Coriander and Curry Leaves) and of-course Chicken…

Clearly, Nissin knows what they are doing as they were the ones who invented and developed the technology of instant noodles in the first place… Overall, I just loved every bit of it and I for one am hoping to buy more of this and also hoping to get other newer and interesting products of Nissin soon… 🙂

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