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Nissin Zesty Chicken Keema Cup Noodles

A friend of mine suggested that I start doing reviews of packed foods as people need to know about them as well and not just restaurants… I thought about it and decided to do it and hence this post today… Those who know me personally, may know that I have always had sort of a love-hate relationship with instant noodle options that are available in India as I love very few of them… So, when I recently visited the nearby supermarket, I found this new variant of Nissin’s Cup Noodles called “Zesty Chicken Keema”. Finally got the chance to try it today.

Before talking anything further about the noodles, here in an interesting thing I noticed at the bottom… As you can see from the pics below, the price printed on the pack is Rs. 250 but were sold at the supermarket with the Rs. 50 price-tag as can be seen from the pics below… Around Rs. 50 is the usual pricing for cup noodles in India, even from the same brand and so, this left me wondering why there is the Rs. 250 printed on the container… Then I found out that this particular product is made by Nissin exclusively for Indigo Airlines and so, my guess is that the Rs. 250 is their airport lounge / inflight pricing, and since all airports and airlines are closed due to COVID-19, these products have been redirected to the supermarkets with the revised price tag, which sadly means that its availability would stop the moment the stock runs out and to have this again, I have to travel on an Indigo flight 😀 😛

Anyways, there was indeed a Curry powder fragrance when I opened the pack… Other than the noodles, I found quite a few pieces of Chicken, Green Peas, Caramelised Onions, some Herbs and also some Chicken Keema (minced Chicken) at the bottom as well… The following video shows the result of preparing this cup noodles as per the given instructions:

Coming to taste, well, right of the bat, I can say that this is indeed the most fragrant and flavourful instant noodles I have ever had, even better than Nissin’s Top Ramen Curry Noodles, which were my favourite instant noodles till now (hopefully I will dedicate a post about it soon)… The noodles was cooked to al-dente and there was enough broth at the bottom too… The pieces of Chicken were well seasoned but what surprised me is that it really was chicken and not the chicken flavoured soy protein thats usually seen such products… The Green Peas was also well cooked as can be seen in the video and the Chicken Keema at the bottom was well seasoned as well… And also, the herbs turned out to be Parsley and Spring Onion and the fragrances of that along with that of the caramelised onions were quite tempting… Altogether the taste was that of a very flavourful Chicken broth but with curry powder / garam masala with it and the flavours were all very well balanced… To be frank, the broth felt better than the one we get in most restaurants here and that too without the usual taste of preservatives being felt, which really surprised me… So, the only complaint I had was that I wish that container had more noodles and I wanted more… 😀 😛

So, thats it about this particular packed food option… To be frank, I think by the taste, it really is worth the original pricing as I wouldn’t even think about questioning that price if I got the exact same thing from a restaurant and so I think its a huge bargain to be able to get for the price they are selling it now… Anyways, if possible, do try and let me know how it is for you in the comments below… 🙂


  1. Is zesty chicken keema cup noodles which is produces in India is halal or haram would any one please

    1. I guess it has to be halal cause from what I have heard so far, these days the entire food industry in India uses halal meats only… I suggest you contact the company Nissin or Indigo Airlines (since this product is made for them) to confirm…

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