Appam from Zebra Spot


I have been thinking about getting “Appam” from “Zebra Spot” for a number of days. So, decided to order 4 Appams. Now what can I have with it??? Thats when I noticed their star item “Chicken Ularthiyathu“. You can guess the rest, right???

The total price of Appams was Rs. 54 and Rs. 180 for the Ularthiyathu. Altogether (along with discount), the total came up to Rs. 229; didn’t forget to type “Add more Gravy” under cooking instructions this time too. So, the order got delivered at about the 20th minute. Food from home always favoured by expats and in my hand there were hot appams and the ularthiyathu. I transfered them to my plate and started heating milk for tea. The appams were piping hot and so when I tried touching after making my tea, not much change was felt in terms of heat. Once I filtered out the tea leaves from my tea, the attack began !!!

There were what we call Paalappams. Good amount of sourness to taste. Seemed to just dissolve in my mouth. They were cooked well and was not crispy or charred. To have them with the Ularthiyathu on a rainy day, is heavenly !!!

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