Chicken Ularthiyathu from Zebra Spot


We haven’t talked about the Ularthiyathu !!!

They say to really know the taste of home, you have to stay away from home. The cliche dialog that mothers usually say, “You will understand my value when I am not around” is sometimes right. I mean not just sometimes, but most of the time. During such situations, we usually end up finding some way to enjoy some food from our home town.

When I ordered to have Appam after a long time, I thought about what should be the accompaniment to it. Thats when I noticed the Ularthiyathu. It was raining at that time and its the perfect time to feel something spicy in the mouth. So, bought the Ularthiyathu for Rs. 180. It was very hot and had a nice aroma. But I was disappointed when I transferred it to my plate. Tiny – tiny pieces of meat along with some thick gravy.

Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Green Chillies, etc were clearly sautéd well. It gave quite a unique taste. It was spicy enough. To have this with the appam gives a nice feel. I think this can be enjoyed with rice as well as other food items. This is the “Chicken Ularthiyathu” from “Zebra Spot”.

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