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Is There No End To This??? – “Palakkadan Chicken Biriyani” From Zebra Spot

It has been some time since I had Biriyani; should I cook or order for one??? Obviously, I will be ordering, why a doubt??? Today I thought of getting a Kerala style Biriyani. So, without wasting any time, opened Swiggy and automatically, my fingers went straight for Zebra Spot – can’t blame them; thats how hungry I was!!! When I looked, there was “Palakkadan Chicken Biriyani”. “Eh??? I have head of Thalassery Dum Biriyani, Hyderabadi Biriyani, etc cause they are famous. This is the first time I am seeing a variety – how about trying that then???” Usually, my heart does stand with my hunger and so my heart decides and my mouth eats !!! Long story short, I placed the order for it – The “Palakkadan Chicken Biriyani” that costs Rs. 160 thru Swiggy. But there was an offer, that too for 20%. But with the delivery charges, the total price ended up being Rs. 150. So, Rs, 10 profit, which is a relief considering how the Indian economy is right now!!! And as usual, mentioned “Add More Raitha” in cooking instructions too.

So, the delivery was done at the 23rd minute. When I got the Biriyani in my hands, I didn’t waste any time and transferred it to my plate. That is when I understood what all are in the Palakkad Chicken Biriyani. Well boiled egg, 4 fried pieces of meat, a few pieces of non-fries meat and then the gravy. The gravy is mostly covering the rice. But sadly I was missing atleast a piece of Pappadom. If that was also there, this would have really become a Thiruvananthapuram Biriyani. That is when I missed places like Zam – Zam.

Didn’t think anything anymore; poured the salad from the plastic cover over to the plate and started devouring it. But it was disappointing, cause seems because of the offer, I got some extra salt. The quantity of salad was less and so compared to the biriyani I had before, it felt much more salty and it was too much !!! I thought about how that much salt came into this for a while because it was like mildly salty in some areas while in some other areas, it was unbearably salty. In the end, it was when I took a piece from the meat when I understood the source of the salt. Alas, a good biriyani was ruined. I hope they pay attention because this is the second time I got the same experience. First it was the Chicken Fried Rice and now, this “Palakkadan Chicken Biriyani” !!!

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