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The Dosa From Pai Tiffins

So, the month of June has arrived and so did the majestic rains. How can it be so insensitive to the Corona situation??? Ofcourse it doesn’t care and is just raining!!! In that case, how about having a hot and crispy Masala Dosa in this rainy time… It is indeed true as they say that laziness brings some twisted thought or the other in people… right??? So, when I opened Swiggy, I found “Pai Tiffins” and yes, its the same “Pai Tiffins” that you all are thinking about. Pai Tiffins had started in Uduppi and then later grew and spread across multiple branches in multiple cities by now.

Usually, what I get from there is the “Set Dosa” simply because its their least expensive item. I have never tried their Masala Dosa and I am going to have that long overdue wish fulfilled on this rainy day. So, I placed the order for the same in Swiggy. The price is Rs. 75 for it but this time Swiggy is charging additional Rs. 25 as delivery charge, thereby making the total cost of a Masala Dosa to be Rs. 108. Ofcourse I made one mine and also asked for extra Sambar and Chutney (praying with hope that they will listen atleast this time). The order got delivered at exactly the 25th minute. Usually, when I order from Pai Tiffins, the food comes in their own branded cloth bag. But this time that was not the case. I guess maybe because of the corona situation!!!

But the Dosa did come this time also in the usual branded paper pack. The speciality of this paper pack is that inside, where the Dosa is placed, its very smooth almost silky (to be precise, like the baking paper) and outside is just regular paper but with the “Pai Tiffins” logo printed on. It did feel quite hot when I touched the paper pack. Along with that, there were two small packets, for the Chutney and Sambar respectively. However, one of the packets was not even warm, not sure which. Anyways, when I opened the packs, found a hot and crispy Dosa. I must admit that I was salivating just from the sight of it! I then opened the curry packets as well. The Chutney was indeed cold. Sambar was quite warm. Even though the Dosa was small in size, it was awesome, very crispy. And the first morsel that I teared out was from the part having the potatoes, dipped that in both sambar and chutney and began eating.

There were no issues, the dosa did have enough fresh ghee applied on it, that fragrance of the ghee could be felt well. Now coming to the masala inside, the potatoes were cooked well, green peas which when you just press the skin, comes out, were all fine, but hardly enough salt!!! Next lets talk about the chutney. It was cold, but the coconut was well ground. It is curry leaves that we usually add to chutneys in Kerala, right? But here, they have added coriander leaves. But still, it was nice to have. Coming to sambar, it was warm, but still there was a significant sweetness to its taste. Both the sambar and chutney were thick enough for me, but still I felt that they could’ve added a bit more salt!!!

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