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The Kati Roll Shop

Yesterday, while returning home after going out for some shopping with my parents, we noticed this new place that appears to have opened recently near Kazhakuttom called The Kati Roll Shop… I have been quite fond of Kaatti Rolls and Frankies back when I used to live in Mumbai and obviously, seeing the name did peak my interest… My parents have been fond of Kaatti Rolls too and so, today when we decided to buy lunch and saw this place show up in the delivery app, we decided to go ahead and try their food…

So, lets start with the Rolls… We got two rolls, the Mix Veg Roll and the Chicken Butter Masala Roll… The pics below show the Mix Veg Roll sliced and it appeared to have a stuffing made up of Potatoes, Paneer, Onions, Tomato, Capsicum, Cheese and Mayo… The vegetables and paneer appear to have been stir fried with a mild amount of garam masala and altogether, it was giving a sweet and savoury flavour profile along with some richness provided by the Mayo… The wrap in this case felt like Rumali Roti… Overall, though my mom didn’t like it cause of the presence of Mayo, I personally was able to enjoy it well… šŸ™‚

Next up is the Chicken Butter Masala Roll, shown in the pics below… Essentially, its a wrap made using Butter Chicken as the stuffing… Instead of the Rumali Roti, this wrap felt more like a Laccha Paratta, but thankfully not as thick as how Paratta tends to be… The Chicken Butter Masala stuffing was incredibly rich with the pieces of Chicken cooked well… However, it ended up being a bit too salty and too spicy for my taste… Hence didn’t quite like having it like I did the Mix Veg one…

Other than the rolls, we also bought two items from their kebab menu, namely the Paneer Tikka and also, their Chicken Kati Kebab, both of which can be seen in the pics below… The Paneer Tikka was made with good quality panner and the flavours were pretty much same as any other Paneer Tikka, except for the fact that the level of spiciness felt to be of medium level… It came with the chopped onions and the famous Green Coriander & Mint Chutney as well…

Now coming to the Chicken Kati Kebab, first of all, the pieces of Chicken in it were cooked well and it seemed to have Onions Tomato and Capsicum as well along with Ginger, Garlic and ofcourse the spices… What felt quite interesting to me about its flavour profile is that it seems to be a fusion of Indian and Indo-Chinese flavours where we have the taste of the Indian Masala and also the flavours of Soy and Tomato Sauces as well… I ended up simply loving this and I am hoping to be able to get it again soon…

To conclude, I think this place seems quite promising… My favourite items for today was the Mix Veg Roll and the Chicken Katti Kebab… Hoping to try more from their menu soon šŸ™‚

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