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Poomaram: The First Impression About Ram’s Kitchen

I have been hearing for quite a while about this restaurant near Aakkulam called Poomaram – Ram’s Kitchen… From what I could find out, it is a restaurant that started as a Seafood speciality spot by a former IT Professional out of his passion for food… Nowadays, it has grown beyond seafood and now is essentially a multi-cuisine restaurant and one of my friends who is a regular there keeps telling me that they sell the best Naadan Beef items in Trivandrum… Of-course, I am interested in the Seafood… However, unfortunately, by the time I could get around to visiting the place, the Covid pandemic hit and this place has been too far for any of the food delivery services and it was only very recently that the delivery service providers extended their range and this restaurant started showing up as available for me and here we are 🙂

So, I ended up ordering their food twice and coincidentally, both of these times, we ended up having rice and curries at home and so only needed to get some of the seafood dishes… So, during the first time, I got their Fish Peera, Prawns Fry and Mathi (Sardines) Fry and for the second time, got their Fish Peera and Prawns Fry again and the included pics here show all of the items that we got… Coming to the taste, first of all, I was very happy to see that all of the seafood were cooked perfectly and in no way overcooked like how it tends to be in most places… The Prawns fry was seasoned just right and had just the right amount of spice and the same goes for the Mathi Fry as well, though compared to prawns it had a bit more seasoning as expected… Now the Fish Peera ended up being completely different from each other when you look at what we got each time… The version that arrived on the first day was made using Sardines and had a the flavour of Chillies and Kudam Puli along with the Coconut and the spices and herbs… The version that arrived on the second day ie, today was made using Netholi (Anchovies) and this had a lot milder flavours… Kudam Puli was clearly missing and instead it seemed like the sour component was Mango and to me, it seemed like not enough of it was added to it… Essentially this version felt like eating the side dish called Aviyal but with Anchovies in it instead of the vegetables… Anyways, I did end up liking both of them… But when comparing the two, I can’t help be left wishing that I could have the same Fish Peera I had during the first time but made with Anchovies instead of Sardines… Will keep my fingers crossed when ordering next time for it 🙂

So, thats it… I think this place could easily be a regular spot for me once the pandemic situation leaves (after I get my vaccine that is at-least) whenever I crave for some Naadan Meals with Seafood… Of-course, Beef items, I am not going to try as I don’t eat Beef but I am hoping to try their Pothichoru and Biriyani next time… Lets see… Hopefully soon… 🙂


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