Spicehaus By Kaffeehaus: The Vishu Sadya


We are all aware of how special Sadya can be for us Malayalis as it usually is the highlight of any celebration being pretty much the one which gives us most of the fond memories we are left with at the end… So, the festival of Vishu just got done and like every other festival of Kerala, the tradition of eating Sadya along with one’s family holds as well… So, once again, we decided to buy the food and having loved the Onam Sadya done by Spicehaus for Onam last time, we went ahead and placed the order for their Vishu Sadya as soon as we came to know about its availability and here we are to talk about it… 🙂

The food was delivered by around 1:30PM for us, all packed in plastic containers (type of packaging was optional between the containers and pouches and I went for containers) as can be seen in the pics above… According to the poster they published announcing the Sadya, it consists of 26 items in total, namely, Sharkara Varatti, Ethakka Upperi, Pazham, Ghee, Manga Pickle, Inji Puli, Naaranga Pickle, Parippu, Sambar, Pulissery, Rasam, Morru, Avial, Kalan, Olan, Erissery, Beetroot Pachadi, Kichadi, Cabbage Thoran, Pineapple Curry, Kootu Curry, Rice, Semya Payasam, Boli and Kadala Payasam… Unfortunately, I couldn’t take much pics this time and so what the following pics show on the Banana leaves are the first servings as we were sitting down to eat where Parippu and Ghee are mixed with the Rice along with all the side dishes and you can see the Sambar and Pulissery from the pic I took as I was eating the leftovers… 🙂 Please refer to the previous Onam Sadya post to see how the remaining items looked as they were pretty much looking exactly the same as then 🙏🙏🙏

Coming to the taste, just like last time, both me and my parents found ourselves loving every bit of it as everything was cooked and seasoned perfectly… I was glad to have my favourite Inji Pickle again… The Maanga and Naranga Pickles ended up being spicier than last time but worked well with everything else… Beetroot Pachadi was not as intense as last time as evident by its and it along with the Pineapple Pachadi, Erissery and Olan felt as good as how it was last time where all of them had very well balanced flavours with perfect seasoning… The Kootu Curry appeared to have more presence of Potato compared to last time, but again, loved the taste of the masala they used… I felt a nice flavour of dried chillies from it which appeared to be enhanced by the Garam Masala used… I wish they would include this as part of their menu as it would be a great option for vegetarians to have with Chapati and Porotta… 🙂 The Avial appeared to have bit more Mango in it which I loved and I loved the Kalan too which is something we don’t see in Sadyas around here but very popular in the Northern parts of Kerala… Both the Parippu and Sambar felt quite rich and flavourful and the cooking level of the Rice absolutely perfect for my taste and also, loved the Pulissery as well… I didn’t get to taste the Rasam this time, but my parents said they loved it… They evens said that it was one of the best tasting Rasam they ever had in Trivandrum, which as you can probably guess now, is precisely why I couldn’t get to taste it 😛

The only flaw with the whole Sadya was just that the Semiya Payasam ended up being too thick / starchy to be enjoyed with the Boli… So, we ended up having the given Boli, which was very soft and lite, with the Semiya Payasam made by Mom instead… No complaints on the taste though as its consistent to similar payasams sold by most places… The Kadala Payasam on the other hand felt quite yummy with the Lentils being cooked perfectly where there is a slight firmness to them while retaining the softness inside (al dente that is)…

Overall, once again, we felt the Sadya made by Spicehaus to be a fine one and without any doubt be one of the best Sadyas we have ever had and we unanimously feel that it is miles ahead of any of the other Sadyas we have tried so far in Trivandrum… So, 100% recommended for those who haven’t tried yet…

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