Spicebridge Restaurant: The Chilly Fish


This time, when my mom asked me to order food, I decided to go for a relatively new place, atleast as far the support by the delivery apps go… Its the restaurant called Spicebridge which is part of the hotel by SFS Homes called SFS Homebridge, located along with the SFS Cyber Palms on the NH66 bypass… This is one of the restaurants about which I had been hoping to write after visiting in person but we all know what happened to such plans, rt?? Anyways, I thought off putting off writing about it until visit, but the food I got from them seemed so special that I felt that it would be unfair to put off any longer… Hence here we are… 🙂

So, the food I came here to talk about is their Chilly Fish… The reason is simply that it felt special for two reasons… Of-course the taste and mostly, how unique it is in terms of the quantity and quality of the Fish included in the portion for the price… What you see here is two portions and the Fish used is the Cobia… Regarding the quantity what surprised me the fact that in pretty much every restaurant from whom I had ordered fish involving Seer Fish or King Fish or Cobia, the amount of fish we get for similar pricing is just the equivalent by meat volume, of just one or maximum two of the pieces you see in the pics shown here, per portion and here as is clearly visible, there is a lot and I do mean a lot more Fish… Appearance wise, this Chilly Fish does remind me a bit about the Chilly Fish I have had from Hotel Ginger before but seems to have a lot more Garlic in the gravy and seems to have like a said a lot of batter fried Fish along with Onions, Capsicums, Chillies, Chilly Flakes, Ginger, Green Onions and Chives as can be seen in the pics below…

To have along with the Chilly Fish, I asked for a portion of Chicken Noodles… There were a couple more items bought for my parents but I couldn’t take any pics of those and besides, those items can wait for a future post 🙂 The noodles as can be seen in the pics below appears just like any other Hakka style noodles made with Chicken, Eggs, Mushrooms and vegetables like Onions, Carrots, Capsicums, etc with minimal seasoning with Soy along with Salt and Pepper, as expected with the Hakka style preparation…

Now coming to the taste, first of all as mentioned before, there are a lot of pieces of batter fried Fish and as can be seen in the pic shown below, its not a thick batter and felt more like a tempura batter (flavour of eggs present) which means, what you are seeing here are pretty much solid Fish pieces and the fish did indeed taste quite fresh and felt all well cooked and seasoned nicely… The flavour profile overall felt to be dominated by Garlic and Chillies, with the gravy essentially tasting mostly of a version of Hot Garlic sauce with ginger and the Chillies making the overall dish taste spicy, though not too spicy as well… The vegetables used felt crunchy too and the gravy appeared to have had some infusion of their flavours as well (unless they used stocks for seasoning of-course)… Both me and my dad ended up simply loving this dish and both of us felt that this is the best version of Chilly Fish that we have ever had… As for the noodles, it felt just like any other Hakka style noodles with well cooked Chicken and eggs with crunchy vegetables… The combination of the Fish Chilly with the Noodles seemed nice though… 🙂

So, thats it for today… That Fish Chilly is a must try if you ask me and I am hoping to have it again when me and my dad gets a craving to have some good fish… Having seen this, I am hoping to be able to try their other Fish dishes, hopefully soon… So, feel free to try this and let me know in the comments section below… Take care and have a nice day 🙂

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