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Hotel Ginger – Typical Chinese meal with a Fish Surprise

The Hotel Ginger, near Technopark Trivandrum, is a place I typically go whenever I go out to eat most of the times… The reason being that the place serves fresh incredibly healthy food with absolutely no greese whatsoever… How I can tell is that if I eat with my hands (which I rarely do these days unless I am eating at home), the food from Ginger is the only one where once you eat and then just rinse your hands with water, you won’t have that coating of oil/greese on your fingers… This won’t be case if the food has any of those unhealthy saturated fats in them and you will need to use a good soap quite vigorously to get it out…

My typical meal at  Ginger is from their chinese menu and usually consists of a soup, either a fried rice or noodles along with an indo-chinese curry like Chilly Paneer or Chilly Chicken, etc… This particular instance, I had a Chicken Clear Soup, a Chicken Noodles and then the surprise – Chilly Fish…


The Chicken Clear Soup is actually my favourite soup to have of all time… Something which I do cook at home whenever I get the chance… Its an incredibly favourful transparent chicken broth with some pieces of shredded chicken, carrot, beans, mushrooms, green onions and parseley… They serve it boiling hot as its supposed to be… 🙂

Once the soup was done, then came the Chicken Noodles and the Chilly Fish… IMG_0949

This chicken noodles is your typical hakka noodles cooked with some ginger, garlic, a touch of soy sauce(from what I can tell) with some scrambled egg, shredded chicken and some vegetables like carrots, beans, onions, bell peppers, chinese and red cabbage, seasoned sparingly with salt and crushed black pepper…


This was a surprise as this is not mentioned in their menu card… This time I was in a mood to eat some fish and so asked the waiter if there are any fish dishes and among the ones he said, Chilly Fish peaked my interest and so I went for it… The above pic is how it came… 8 pieces of the most succulent yet crispy pieces of Indian Cobia (which as you may already know is the best and cheaper alternative to Kingfish, which is what restaurants all over Trivandrum, except maybe the priciest ones, are actually serving in the name of Kingfish) with the crispiest pieces of onions, bell peppers and greenchillies in an incredibly flavourful chilly sauce (the schezwan kind) with a good amount of garlic seasoned with pepper and salt… This is definitely the best Chilly fish dish I have ever had in Trivandrum and definitely one of the best I have ever had… The fish tasted fresh and cooked so incredibly well that once you bite down on that crispy coating, it literally explodes in your mouth and then it melts in your mouth as well which is the best way to have your sea food in my honest opinion…

Well, safe to say, I’ll be asking and having the chilly fish again when I go there next time 🙂

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