Butter Chicken From Supper Cloud


When there is not enough rice to eat, especially when you get the measurement wrong in most households, usually the practice is to make something lite as well. So, it was when I too made such a mistake that I thought about making chapati. When you are pretty much blinded by hunger, what else can be done??? Having no patience to make a curry to go with it, decided to order something. So, ordered from Zomato this time. On opening the app, opened the menu of the restaurant that was offering a 50% discount. That was “Supper Cloud”. I had thought about ordering something from their main course menu. Thats when “Butter Chicken” caught my attention. I have never tried it from that restaurant. So, ordered the same. Total price was Rs. 232 but with the 50% discount offer, the amount came down to Rs. 132. So, placed the order with the cooking instructions, “Should be packed well – put some big pieces” respectively.

“30 minutes” was the time shown. In that time I cooked some chapatis. In-spite of heavy rains, the delivery was done at exactly 30 minutes by some poor guy – has to be since he is working in-spite of all the rain and corona, right??? Of-course it is to survive !!! Since it was a no-contact delivery, I received the pack by holding the underside of a vessel and as I was taking it inside, I could feel that the Butter Chicken was very warm. As I was about to open the lid of the pack, I could see quite a lot of oiliness. What more can I say, when I opened the lid, my hand mostly got covered with it. After that when I started serving it on my plate with the chapatis, I was shocked. The meat appeared to be very thin pieces of Tandoori Fried Chicken. The quantity of Chicken was not worth the price. Usually, the pieces are seen to be a lot bigger in the Butter Chicken I have had before. I wondered if I got cheated. The size could’ve been forgiven but the number of pieces given was too less too. And the gravy seems to have been poured to make sure the pieces were hidden from view.

Still, being very hungry, I continued. First of all, it is the taste of butter that gets felt by the tongue. The taste of the butter seemed to overpower the taste of the masala. But the taste of the masala could still be felt. The onion was chopped into very small pieces but it felt crispy along with the curry. The sourness of the tomato could also be felt somewhat. I think the source of the sweetness is the use of the cashews. Coming to the meat, as mentioned above, the pieces were tiny. It was crispy and cooked well. But I wish they weren’t stingy in this case !!!

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