Noodles Dosa From Hotel Swastik


Most food in the world have been created in two ways: 1) when making one food item it ended up becoming something different or 2) deliberately trying to make a new variety. What I am going to talk about is about a food item that comes in this second category. Whoever came up with this deserves a handshake ! Anyways, as I was sitting, I opened the profile of “Hotel Swastik” in Zomato today. It is a new profile too. So, obviously I opened it out of curiosity to know what all are available there. It was a list of various varieties of Dosa from Pizza Dosa to Paneer Dosa but what caught my eye was the Noodles Dosa. Reason is obviously it being the cheapest item priced at Rs. 100. Rs. 147 including delivery charges. I didn’t think anything further. First of all its a rainy day and its obvious for them to increase the delivery charges. But I wonder if the delivery boys are getting the money !!! I didn’t give any cooking instructions this time. Trying for the first time, right? I thought whatever, let us see.

It arrived at exactly at the 25th minute from placing the order. A foil covered cylindrical pack. That’s all. Nice and hot. It felt good that I made some hot tea just before. Maybe it is because I was very hungry or I was very curious, not sure, I couldn’t wait to open the pack.

So, just like that, I set a plate and opened the foil pack. I saw that inside the foil pack was a plastic pack. I understood that the food was inside that. When I opened it, the vapours and fragrance did rise up from it. It was a unique setup. When I applied a slight pressure, it all came out with the filling inside.

It was a big dosa anyways, made up of 4 layers stuffed with the noodles. Along with the noodles, there was beetroot, capsicum, carrot, garlic, tomato sauce, soya sauce, chilly sauce, etc was there. Along with it there was a kind of chutney for this dosa too. So, I decided to eat this experiment and it was a taste to notice. Whoever created this, it is indeed good. 100 out of 100 score can be given. No regrets about buying this to eat. Filled my stomach and no feeling of having lost any money too. This “Noodles Dosa” is surely an item anyone can try having.

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