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Chicken Biriyani From Arabian Tasty

It is normal for people to be extra lazy on a Sunday. If not, one must wonder if anyone can be considered human at all !!! And what if the weather is quite cool and raining?? What can I say! Of-course the laziness will increase a lot more. So, on one such Sunday, when I woke up, the hunger was intolerable and so I ordered a Biriyani in Zomato. So, from that, you can guess at what time I woke up. The Biriyani was ordered this time from “Arabian Tasty”. There was a 40% discount offer and so, I got the biriyani priced at Rs. 170 for Rs. 132. As always, I asked for extra raita, gravy and pickle as the cooking instructions in the app.

The order was delivered after around half an hour. So, by that time, I sat ready after brushing and taking bath. So, after receiving the order, when I opened the pack I saw that only raita was there and they didn’t put any pickle !!! But there was enough raita there. About the gravy, I wondered if they packed it along inside with the Biryani. Having had that thought, I didn’t waste any time and quickly opened the packet containing the Biriyani and as soon as I opened it, the fragrance of the biriyani entered deep into my nose. That of-course increased my speed in transferring the biriyani to my plate. Then I poured the raita at one end of the plate and started the attack 🙂

The meat was fried. But not as tough as how fried meats usually are but still it was crispy too. The chicken curry had the taste of well sautéed tomato, onions, etc and also the flavour of the masala was incredible. The biriyani rice had the nice fragrance of ghee in it and eating both together was an amazing experience. Raita had just enough salt, tomato, carrot, onion, etc. Anyways, it really was a delicious biriyani. In my home town, there is a restaurant near my home called “Salkara”. This biriyani reminded me of the biriyani there. If you are in Manipal, this biriyani is one you should definitely try !!!

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