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‘Chicken Singapore Noodles’ From Hangyo CTF

It has been a long since I tried noodles. I think it was in April or so when I had it last time and I can’t even remember from where. Anyways, it is a raining today and so I decided to order for some. I know a place called “Hangyo CTF” and I felt the food there to be fairly good. But I have never tried the noodles from there and so decided to try the same and opened the noodles section of their menu in Swiggy. That is when I noticed a name that was unfamiliar to me called “Chicken Singapore Noodles” – What is this??? Is it a new arrival?? – Cause I had never heard this name before. So, I decided to try it and got the Rs. 135 priced item for Rs. 143 – Before you ask what kind of outrageous sorcery is this, let me tell you that the original price without discount was Rs. 200 and so, the same Rs. 8 charges when paid still leaves me with a considerable profit and so it is ok, isn’t it???

In exactly 35 minutes, the order was delivered. I was very hungry and when I opened the pack, there was a weird smell. And the smell was strong to the point that it almost made me throw up for a second at the beginning. However, I did order this with so much anticipation that I managed to divert my mind away from the smell. However, the restaurant did give me the sauces and the disposable crockeries as I requested and this made me feel relieved for now.

So, with much hesitation I tried tasting the noodles with the sauce and it tasted very good… That is when I noticed that there were some plantain in the noodles as well as cashew nuts, scrambled egg, well cooked meat, carrot, capsicum, well cooked garlic, etc… It was indeed good to have with the sauce. The noodles were long enough – personally I don’t like noodles being cut short because when they are long, it is good to twist them up and eat. Anyways, I don’t think this dish can be considered as a “must try”, but still, I think one cannot be faulted for suggesting to try it to know a new kind of taste. Of course, there is no way at-least for now for me to know if the original “Chicken Singapore Noodles” tastes like this at all !!!

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