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“Veg Manchurian Gravy with Steam Rice” From Sai’s

So, it is Sunday today! Naturally everyone wakes up late. But since lockdown began, whether it is sunday or monday is irrelevant now. So, while sitting like that, decided to order something special and jumped straight into Zomato. Thats when I saw “Special Offer”. It was a list of combos there and I noticed the “Veg Manchurian Gravy with Steam Rice”. Price was Rs. 123 with 31% discount offer. I decided to order for the same and all that I mentioned under “Cooking Instructions” is that I need some sauce and also that everything needs to be packed separately. The order came to my doorstep at exactly after 25 minutes.

When I opened the pack, I saw that everything was packed separately ie, the Rice, the Manchurian and along with them, Tomato and Soya Sauce. Since I was feeling very hungry, I didn’t waste any time and joined the stomach’s calling. The basmati rice was nice and warm and the fact that the grains were not sticking together is a big plus point. Then I took the Veg Manchurian from its cover. The Manchurian balls looked to be well set and my eyes were definitely going towards the curry that was on the plate. The curry was also nice and warm and the garlic, spring onions, the layer of fat on the gravy soaking both the rice and the Manchurian balls was mouth watering to see.

I took small piece and started eating. The Manchurian tasted amazing. Just the right amount of sauce and spices has made the gravy taste awesome. Then what needs mention is the way the balls were made. They were not soggy and it had carrot, onion, cabbage and potato packed nicely inside. It was not that crispy either. The gravy had just the right amount of spiciness and saltiness. To be frank, the gravy by itself can be eaten as it is. I think this is definitely something that can be tried without any doubt.

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