Mac n Cheese Chicken Pasta From G2 Ginger Garlic, Manipal


It has been a while since I have been wanting to try something I never tried before. Thats when I saw this particular item. Its from the G2 Ginger Garlic here in Manipal. Total cost was Rs. 179 and I decided to get it. Zomato was showing 36 mins to go and by then, rain started quite heavily. And with one swift lightning and thunder, the power supply went off.

The parcel came 5 mins before the mentioned time. The Packing looked great. When I opened, I saw pasta ie macaroni looking like it was showered in cheese. On looking closely, it was possible to see the oregano, etc, it was mostly filled with cheese. The crockery and sauce that I asked for was missing in the parcel, however, along with the bill, there was a small sachet of a hand sanitiser stapled in. I was obviously surprised to see that and it did make me smile. So, I took a few photos in the available light and started eating the dish.

Even though Oregano is there, the dish was not spicy. It had the taste of fresh cheese but I still missed my ketchup. What I liked the most about this is that it was not salty. Anyways, I think the same dish can be ordered again from this place; No doubt at all about it !!!

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