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Breakfast: Idly – Vada From Om Shree Kitchen

It has been a while since I had Idly. I don’t have the Idly maker at home and thats why. So, went straight to Zomato and placed an order for Idly-Vada from Om Shree Kitchen here in Manipal. It was Rs. 80 and the delivery came just in time and the extra chutney I asked for was given. Idly, Vada and the Sambar was packed in foil covers and Chutney was in regular plastic cover. I decided to have it while it remains hot.

As usual, I opened the packet containing the Sambar. The aroma was good. But when I poured in on my plate, it was clear that it was made thin / watery. Wasting no further time, I opened the second foil cover and took out the Idly and Vada. Also opened and poured in the Chutney as well. Now all I need is some hot tea to go with all of this.

The Idly was not bad. Not as soft as the Idly I get from my hometown. Here the Idly, instead of staying soft, comes apart as granules when you touch. Even though the Sambar looks watered down, the taste was still good. The chutney felt so good that it compensated for and masked the flaws.

Everything so far felt tasty along with the hot tea. Next is the Vada. It was quite crispy and not burned at all. The chutney and the Vada was a really good combination. It worked with the Sambar too. Anyways, within minutes, the whole plate was finished 🙂

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