The Tale Of A Biriyani


Today also, I felt hungry and when hunger strikes, since there is no need to hesitate, I opened Zomato. It has been a long time since I have had a Biriyani and so, decided to have it. Among the restaurants available, I went for “Supper Cloud” from which I have had food from before once. I remember having had the Hyderabadi Biriyani back then and it was good enough and so, obviously seeing that peaked my interest. So, ordered their “Chicken Biriyani”. Total price Rs. 232. And since this is near my house, the hope was that delivery would be quick. And I also asked for cutlery, raita and some extra chicken gravy with it.

So, at the 27th minute, when I received the order from the Zomato delivery boy, it had the Biriyani that I was waiting for and it felt like getting rain in the middle of a desert to receive it, which as usual was a paper cover, stapled having 3 shiny foil packets as shown in the pics above – one big, obviously having the Biriyani in it and one small one having the raita and in the third small one was a mystery – tried feeling it a bit – felt quite soft to touch. The cutlery I asked for was missing. Cause of the oval shape, wondered if the spoon was folded and kept. Anyways, without wasting further time, I opened the packets.

So, took out all the rice but where was the Chicken? When I searched for a little while I found one small piece and on searching again using my spoon (my own; didn’t get the disposable spoon I asked for), found another tiny piece and that was it, which felt quite disappointing considering the price. Also, the amount of raita given was also too small and the gravy was missing too, but as the old saying goes, decided to find satisfaction with what I had and went on to open the third packet and found half of a boiled egg in it.

At this point, I couldn’t control my hunger any longer and I started eating. However, putting the first morsel of it in my mouth really put me back in my place cause I have had quite a number of salted / brined foods like Salted Mango, etc and this “Salted Biriyani” became the latest in that list. So, ended up eating the Biriyani with the Raita and a lot of water. I guess maybe the restaurant staff made the mistake being in a hurry or something this time because the Hyderabadi Biriyani that I had before was really nice. Anyways, this really became an unforgettable experience.

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