Breakfast From Parota Point : Puri-Kurma And Bun Omelette


Woke up late today. Online class is there – so quickly brushed my teeth and sat down for it. It’s going to be for 2 hours straight and hunger is of-course increasing every minute. So, order from “Parota Point” – one set Puri-Kurma and a Bun Omelette. The Puri set usually has 2 Puris and the order was made having the size of the Puris from the canteen in mind i.e. after eating Puris at 8 am, hunger will come back at 10 and then it will be a gruesome wait till 12 noon. 🙂

The total bill amount came to Rs. 120 when I ordered thru Zomato. This restaurant is also close to my house (about 15 mins walk). The North Indian Pulav here is amazing and combining it with their Chicken Kebab can satisfy both mind and stomach equally – well, will talk about that in detail another time. Anyways, I have asked for some extra chutney to be kept in my parcel.

The delivery came right on time (as mentioned in the Zomato app). Luckily for me, it was break time and so after receiving it, I hurried inside the kitchen to make some tea. When I opened the parcel and placed the food on it the plate, I noticed one thing. The puris are as big as chapatis. The curry surely has a nice aroma indicating that its good. Chutney quantity seemed to be good enough as well.

So, the fried chapatis were hot. The vegetable curry was good and so was the chutney. My stomach became full by the two puris itself. Thats when I thought about the Bum Omelette. When opening the packet the amazing aroma of having been toasted in ghee could be felt. It was a nice and soft bun with omelette inside, even though I had it only after some time, it was still warm. The Omelette was soft and stuck to the bread. I guess they seared one side of the omelette and covered the other side with the toasted bun. That one side of the omelette was seared quite well though. It seemed to have turmeric, coriander powder, chilly powder taste quite well along with the flavour of ghee. In short, I think this can be a great snack to go with tea.

So, overall, I think “Parota Point” is a good option for breakfast.

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