Chicken Penne From Manipal Express via Swiggy


Since Udupi is now in the Green Zone and I was extremely hungry, I downloaded Swiggy app, thinking I’d order something. I wanted to try Chinese, but the after scrolling for a while, landed into some good pasta. When I ordered “Chicken Penne Pasta” from Manipal Express for Rs 170, the total including delivery charge was Rs 190. Also, as suggestion, I requested Crockery and ketchup. The order was delivered in exactly 25 minutes, beautifully packed. The ketchup and the 3 spoons were there as requested, and also the one item which is not usually seen: the “bill”.

When the parcel was opened, a hot and graciously red in colour; (I guess the benefit of tomato puree and food colouring) but having a thick white coloured lump (which can be a corn flour) in the middle was seen. Overall it looked quite thick. Penne pasta is the cylinder/tube shaped pasta with the edge cut at an angle.

While this pasta is eaten without ketchup, you get a good flavour of oregano and chilli flakes, which makes the pasta really spicy. Even with ketchup, the flavours are not lost, but rather, the ketchup adds further to the taste that can be enjoyed. Coming to the chicken, it is cut as cubes. This is a something thats done typically in Italian dishes here. The chicken even though as small cubes were cooked well. So when we eat, the taste seems twice good. When it comes to pasta, it was not soggy but rather was cooked well enough.

So, for Rs. 190, it can be said that the stomach has become full. The amount of spices was just enough. Nothing overcooked. In short, it is a dish that anyone can enjoy.

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