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Godavari : The Taste of Hyderabad @ Kazhakuttom

A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend of mine recommended that I try the Biriyani from this restaurant called Godavari thats close to my home ie, in Kazhakuttom… When I asked, whats so special about this Biriyani, the reply I got from my friend is that its the most authentic Hyderabadi Biryani available in Trivandrum and obviously that peaked my interest since Hyderabadi Biriyanis were a favourite of mine and had been missing them for a long time ever since I settled down back here… However, I couldn’t visit the place cause when I tried going there using maps, I couldn’t find it in the location that was mentioned… So, I called them up and got to know that the restaurant has been closed for renovations and they are operating only as a parcel counter at another location… So, turns out, the only way I can try their Biriyani is by ordering for them from any of the food delivery service apps… Days went by after that and today I finally got the chance to order(still only delivery option available) and try the Biriyani and the pics below show how it looked like…

The Hyderabadi Cuisine is very popular for its bold and liberal use of spices and so their Biriyani tend to be the Spicy kind that packs a lot of heat that really ends up kicking your taste buds… And they tend to take it to the next level by having it with a spicy chilly based gravy called “Mirchi Ka Salan” as if the Biriyani itself isn’t spicy enough… So, long story short, its not for the faint of heart but at the same time, like most things that are hot and spicy, when you try having for the first time, you either hate it and stay away or you love it and can never have enough of it… The later was what happened to me in the case of Hyderabadi Biriyanis which is why I decided to try this Biriyani… So, the Menu at Godavari is very simple as in they only have one and only one dish and thats the Chicken Biriyani… And the Biriyani can be ordered as Half or Full portion or there is also the Family Pack… The price of the Family pack was twice that of the Full Portion and since my dad was also home, I went for the full portion, which ended up having 4 pieces of Chicken and rice fit for 2 people to fill up their stomachs to their heart’s content or you can still have a fairly filling meal for a family of 2 adults and a child (or two depending on their age) out of it if you ask me 🙂 The two pics shown are collectively the entire contents of the parcel…

Coming to the taste, it was exactly like I expected… The Biriyani by itself packs a kick to the tastebuds and the gravy takes it even further… But unlike some of the other versions of Hyderabadi Biriyani (or rather attempts) that I have had before, this one was not just about the chillies but rather there was a nice flavour cemented by ginger-garlic paste that I ended up liking very much… There was also a subtle sour component (probably from the use of yogurt) in the masala which does help cut down the heat a bit and I felt that the taste of that masala worked incredibly well with the Chicken… Also, the flavour of the masala has permeated all over the rice as well in varied levels as you can the colour changes across the rice that signify it… The gravy given felt nice too… Definitely spicy but not entirely about the heat… The Raita given was probably the most watered down Raitas that I have ever seen… You could drink it out like you drink butter milk… It had onions, carrots and green chillies all chopped finely… Long story short, I licked my plate clean… 🙂

So, overall, that turned out to be a great recommendation by my friend that I am thankful for… Both me and my dad enjoyed it a lot and I can go as far as to say that its now our favourite Biriyani option… Will definitely get again… Check it out if you haven’t already… If you like spicy foods, you will love it… 🙂

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