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Entry Of Ramen At The Gourmet House

For those who are unaware, I follow the blogs and vlogs of people like Mark Weins (, Mikey Chen (Strictly Dumpling), Fung Bros, The Food Ranger, etc… And I have been trying to look for and try food thats as close as possible to what they show based on availability here… One of the dishes that I have been wanting to try for quite some time is the Ramen… Sadly, so far, a place that serves the same never existed and that changed very recently at The Gourmet House restaurant at Pattom where they recently launched a new menu which includes to my delight, a Ramen option… And of-course I simply had to try it and here we are 🙂

So, as per the menu, what they have is what I guessed to be a Miso Ramen as they call it as a Japanese noodle soup with broth seasoned with Miso and served with vegetables… There are variants based on Prawns, Chicken, Beef and a vegetarian variant as well… So, I went for the Prawns version and it came as shown in the pic above as a bowl consisting of the broth though hardly visible, the noodle, boiled egg, prawns and vegetables topped with a dollop of Miso paste…

First of all, as can be seen in the pics above, I feel that this needs more of the broth… The flavours of the Japanese broth with the Miso was indeed unique and enjoyable… Clearly they have adapted it a little bit to suit the local palette in terms of the seasonings, but it was still interesting and unique compared to every other soup available in the city… The earthy and fruity while being a bit salty and pungent at the same time flavour of the Miso is indeed a unique one and when mixed in the broth, its known to give what people from the culinary world describe as the umami flavour which I can describe as a rich savoury taste… The Noodles were cooked perfectly and the vegetables felt to be fresh and crunchy… The prawns were cooked well as well… However, personally, I did expect to see a perfectly soft-boiled egg, which was a bit overcooked in my opinion…

So, altogether I felt it to be a delightful introduction of the Ramen bowl in Trivandrum that I enjoyed very well irrespective of its minor flaws… I am looking forward to try this again and also from the rest of the new menu over there soon… 🙂


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