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The Fish Biriyani @ Ginger

Off late, I have been quite busy with work and so this post is quite long overdue… So, a couple of weeks ago, I visited the Hotel Ginger here at Kazhakuttom for lunch and to my surprise they have started a new Fish Biriyani option there and obviously, as those who know me personally are aware, I tend to be a sucker for them and so I tried the same… It was served as shown in the pics below, served with a Raita and Lime Pickle…

The Biriyanis that this place has been serving has always been the North Indian kind made using long grain Basmati rice and fried nuts, infused with whole spices, rose water, saffron along with Coriander and Mint and they have always been serving it with Veg Raita and Lime Pickle along with a Pappadom… And without the Salan gravy, overall its like they make a Northie style Biriyani and then serve it Southie style… 🙂

Btw, while ordering I asked the waiter which fish it is that they use for the biriyani and he told me that its Neymeen that they use, which as I have been saying repeatedly about the restaurants in Trivandrum, usually means the Cobia and not the King Fish…

Without any doubt, I can definitely say that this is the best Fish Biriyani I have ever had in Trivandrum… Usually, the fish you get in Biriyani is mostly Fried Fish thats overcooked (because of being recooked in the form of the Biryani)… But here, the fish was just perfectly cooked with a nice seer on the outside, the caramelisation of which, further adds to the flavour of the Biriyani… The flavours of the masala used here felt amazing along with the flavours of the onions and ginger-garlic paste, the curd, the richness of the cashew nuts and also the fragrance of the mint and coriander leaves used…

The fried onions which clearly were infused with ghee also added further to the already amazing flavour profile… As for the rice, it was also cooked perfectly and was quite fragrant as well… Everything was seasoned perfectly… The accompanying raita was nice… Curd was not too sour for me and the Lime Pickle was good too… (I didn’t have the Pappadom cause I personally don’t like them and so, I just had it posing for the pic below… 😀 😛 )

Overall, as I said, I felt this Biriyani to be the best Fish Biriyani in Trivandrum… I am indeed looking forward to try this again in my next visit to Ginger… Its a must try, if you haven’t tried yet… 🙂

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