Supreme All Spice: Falooda


Today I went to the Supreme Bakery at Kuravankonam, Trivandrum and being a hot summer day, I decided to climb upstairs to Supreme All Spice restaurant to have something to drink… As the waiter handed me the menu, I noticed a new Summer Specials menu and it included a Falooda and that peaked my interest especially since I was feeling a craving for the same for quite some time… So, the following pics show the Falooda that I got… 🙂

For those who may be unaware, the Falooda is a combination of the Persian Faloodeh and the British Knickerbocker Glory, that originated in India thanks to Persian and British influence in the subcontinent… So, you have both the layers of Ice Cream (and/or Kulfi) and Fruits along with the Rose Syrup, Vermicelli and Black Khus Khus in Milk and/or Cream (and/or Rabdi) going on together in one tall glass, which is then typically garnished with roasted Nuts and/or Dry Fruits and a Cherry on top… There are indeed many versions of the Falooda with various ingredients served all over the country…

Now the Falooda I got here appeared to have Three scoops of Ice Cream, namely Pistachio and also Vanilla and Strawberry underneath… In between them were a couple of layers of Fruits, Dry Fruits and pieces of Strawberry flavoured Jelly and also the Khus Khus… All of this except the Pistachio Ice Cream scoop were essentially submerged inside Rose Milk (or rather Milkshake) with Semolina and a combination of Strawberry and Rose Syrup at the bottom… I hope the included pics here can give you the idea of what I am talking about… 🙂

Coming to the taste, well, its pretty much a culmination of “what you see is what you get” cause it tasted as good as it looked… The flavour of the rose syrup is what stood out from the rest here and it was very good and refreshing to drink some of that Rose Milk on its own using one of the given straws… The fruits clearly were of good quality and the nuts were toasted just right and added on the richness of the whole experience… The vermicelli noodles were cooked perfectly and felt like it absorbed the flavour of the Rose Syrup very well and the Khus Khus as always gave that extra crunch to pretty much each bite… The Strawberry jelly brought a slight citrus element in the overall flavour profile and every flavour felt to be perfectly balanced here… One other thing I liked is that the whole Falooda was not too sweet like it tends to be in most places (who ends up making the rookie mistake of believing that since its a dessert, sweeter the better) and it was just right to be able to enjoy all the flavours…

Overall, I think I can definitely recommend this Falooda to anyone who is into Faloodas and who is new to the same as I felt that this is one fine Falooda that they are serving here… And the quantity is quite generous too, as in it ended up filling me up pretty much full (which is why I couldn’t order one more even though I wanted to 😛 )

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