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Imperial Kitchen – Kayal Soup And Pizza A La People

I was back at Imperial Kitchen again cause I happened to visit the area due to some shopping from Style Plus courtesy de mamá and I dropped in for lunch here… I had been watching few of the videos from Thrillist’s “Really Dough?” series since yesterday and so was really craving for a freshly baked artisan pizza and the fact that I loved the pizza that I had from here last time ended up being the reason why I ended up here as this was an opportunity to try another pizza from their menu and this post is about the same (for the most part)… 🙂

Before I talk about the pizza, I have to talk about this amazing soup that I got from here that I simply can’t ignore… Its called the Kayal soup and according to the waiter, its a Kerala style spicy seafood soup made with with a lot of ginger and pepper thats guaranteed to boost our appetite… When I asked if its coconut milk based, cause I have had such soups before, he informed me that it does not and is made like a clear soup and that peaked my interest and I decided to get it… The following pics show what was served…

Coming to the taste, well, I loved this soup and I can go as far as to say that it turned out to be the best seafood soup I have had so far… But its not for the faint-hearted… It really packs a powerful punch that can really knock you out with its strong flavours… The spiciness level was pretty much at the border of my tolerance and safe to say that after having this, my sinuses, nostrils, throat, etc all got completely cleared 🙂 Now coming back to the taste, like I said, it is spicy, thanks to the enormous amount of ginger and pepper in it… Even as it was being served, I could feel the aroma of the ginger and pepper along with the herbs like coriander, chives, celery stalk and curry leaves… The seafood part appeared to be entirely consisting of chopped up shrimp and the soup had the presence of shallots, onions and garlic as well in the seafood broth… Altogether, I think you will be missing out, if you didn’t try this soup…

The soup was the starter and next up is the Pizza… The pizza’s here are big enough for a person to have as an entire meal on its own even though the crust is thin… Last time it was the Imperial Special Pizza that I had and enjoyed… This time, I went for the Pizza A La People which, according to the menu, is a Pizza topped with Spiced Marinated Chicken, Chicken Sausage, Chicken Salami, Bell Peppers and Sliced Red Onions… I went for this since this was the only Pizza having Chicken in the menu (other than the custom pizza option) and I was craving for Chicken on the pizza this time… So, a few minutes after I was done with the soup, I was served this pizza as can be seen in the pics below…

First of all, I think this to be the one of the most good looking pizzas I have ever been served… So colourful indeed with the Red, yellow and Green Bell Peppers… 🙂 All the toppings mentioned in the menu could be clearly seen along with olives, cheese and the Oregano based seasoning on top… The Spicy Marinated Chicken turned to be pieces of Chicken Tikka… Loved the same as they were just spiced right and cooked perfectly… I am looking forward to having Chicken Tikka on their own next time… The sausage and salami were fine and clearly of good quality as one can expect and gave their nice texture and flavour to the pizza… The Bell Peppers and Onions were crunchy to chew on too and the Olives gave its nice flavour as we would expect from any pizza… The Cheese was ofcourse the processed Mozzarella as we usually see in most pizzas these days and last but not the least, the crust was cooked perfectly with that slight charring which is great for a freshly baked pizza… Being freshly baked, the crust had that crispiness especially in the edge and the sauce used was just tangy enough and if I am not mistaken, I think I felt the taste of Pesto in it too… Altogether, it turned out be a lovely fusion pizza (cause of the Chicken Tikka usage) that I hope I will be having again soon… 🙂

So, overall, a nice lunch from Imperial Kitchen… I think its safe to say that they do indeed make some of the best Pizzas in Trivandrum as I had read in the review back then… I hope to be back to try more from their menu soon… 🙂

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