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Kolamass Kitchen – Baked Cheesecake And Naadan Kozhi Curry With Kutti Dosa

Kolamass Kitchen is owned by Priya Kolassery, who is a homechef in Trivandrum who has been becoming increasingly popular these days for her food… I myself have tried a couple of items before but ended up not being able to take good enough photos of them to be able to write a review here… So, this time, here we are… Personally I am one who loves Cheesecakes and among them, I prefer Baked Cheesecakes over Non-Baked ones… Sadly Baked Cheesecake options are quite rare to find in Trivandrum as most places who do sell them end up selling Non-Baked versions… So, I was getting a pretty big craving to have one and thats when I decided to try talking to the homechef and see if there are any possibilities cause thats the one advantage as customers we have with homechefs cause they wholeheartedly welcome our requests / suggestions / preferences and cook the food to match that… So, when I talked to her, she agreed to make me one of her Baked Cheesecake recipes and so happened that on the day I was placing the order for, she had one special which is the Naadan Kozhi Curry with Kutti Dosa… So, I placed the order for it too along with the cake… The following pics shows both of them…

First, lets talk about the Cheesecake…  For those who are unaware, a Cheesecake is different from your regular cake… This is usually made using a mixture of soft cheese (usually Cream cheese or Ricotta) with cream, eggs and sugar over a crust thats usually made of crushed biscuits / cookies / crackers or pastry and since this is a Baked Cheesecake, the cheesecake is cooked by baking in an oven… Cheesecakes do come with a toppings too which in most cases is a sauce which can be fruit based or chocolate or caramel based… Here, what I got is a fruity sauce packed separately… So, after taking out the cake, I poured the sauce on top as can be seen from the pics below…

Coming to the taste, first of all that sauce felt like a mix of Mango and Pineapple and felt to be nice… Regarding the cake itself, I liked this baked cheesecake better than the others that I have seen in Trivandrum so far as they all tend to be quite tough while this one has the fluffiness intact… As for the taste, the contrast between the dark chocolate taste of the crust and the incredibly rich taste of the cheese felt very enjoyable… The balance of flavours was great too as the intensity of the cheese’s flavour was kept at just the right amount… Just the right balance between sweet, sour and ever so slight bitterness at work here… So, overall, I think this is a cheesecake thats a must try for everyone…

Last but not the least is the Naadan Kozhi Curry… First of all, when I placed the order I didn’t realise that country chicken would be used… I thought it would be the regular broiler chicken made in the Naadan Keralite style… Quite frankly I usually tend to stay away from country chicken options but not because I don’t like country chicken, but rather only because most places who sell dishes using them don’t cook them properly… 90% of the time I get it to be undercooked and the rest of the time they tend to be overcooked though there are some exceptions but mostly they are unintentional and hence extremely rare… This is why when I opened the parcel and saw the curry as shown in the pic below, I ended up being a bit skeptical seeing that its indeed made with country chicken… I loved the fact that the Kutti Dosas were packed in a banana leaf…

Seriously, this was hands down one of the best (if not the best) Naadan Kozhi Curry I have ever had cause not only were the flavours perfect as in well balanced with just the right amount of spiciness; but also the cooking of the meat itself which was absolutely perfect for me, which as I said above, is extremely rare to find… Loved every bit of it that I ended up cleaning that bowl with the Dosas… The Dosas by itself were very lite and fluffy and had that amazing fragrance of the banana leaf and so was indeed the perfect accompaniment for the curry… It ended up being my dinner and so, the perfect finish for the day…

So, thats all for now… Enjoyed the food very much and so, hoping I’ll get to enjoy more of the food from Kolamass Kitchen soon… If you are in Trivandrum and if you haven’t tried, I suggest you do asap.. 🙂

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