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Caffe Primo – First Visit

I guess the more perceptive of readers may have noticed that its been a while since I posted anything… Well, basically I had been a bit too busy with work and also I had to redo the website by self hosting it rather than that I had been using for this website… So, basically ended up rebuilding the site using api and hosting shifted to my own little server thereby freeing me from the restrictions at and able to enjoy full flexibility… Anyways, long story short, the new site is up and running now and you are indeed reading this from the new site… So, here goes 🙂

I guess most people go pass by around Technopark area must have noticed the sign on the Supreme Bakery building right next to the new TCS gate near the Technopark campus main gate that read Caffe Primo… The sign has been there for many months and recently I found out thru a friend of mine that the place has finally opened… Hence, finally one fine afternoon, I got the chance to check it out…

For those who are unaware, Caffe Primo is located at the ground floor of the building that has the Supreme bakery… Its a modern caffe that has a nice menu consisting of Burgers, Pizzas and lot more… What peaked my interest to visit the place was the fact that my friend happened to mentioned that this place has really nice Pizzas at a time when I was feeling a craving for Pizzas (Binge watching episodes of “Really Dough” will do that to you… lol… 🙂 )… So, here I was at Caffe Primo… Its clear that the place looks new and cozy…

So, as I mentioned before, I was here for the Pizza… So, thats the part of the menu that I went for… However, the waiter on hearing my interest to try their pizza suggested that I go for their Peri Peri Chicken Pizza which he claimed to be their signature and best seller… So, I went for the personal sized one of that and in addition to the pizza, as suggested by the waiter, went for their Crispy Chicken Strips as the starter… So, they all came as shown in the pics below…

So, the first to arrive was the starter ie, the Crispy Chicken Strips… It arrived as shown in the pics below as breaded and fried to crisp chicken strips, served along with french fries, a green salad and a small cup consisting of Salsa and Yogurt dips together… Everything was garnished with some chopped parsley and dill… The Chicken seems to have been topped with some Balsamic reduction as well as can be seen in the pics below…

First of all, the chicken strips were indeed cooked perfectly with breading which seemed like been done with Italian style bread crumbs which felt incredibly crispy… Pretty much had the basic seasoning which we always find in most fried Chicken Strip options, but this one had that balsamic reduction sauce on top which brought its own tartness into it… The salsa felt freshly made, but I felt that the accompanying Yogurt dip worked better with the Chicken strips… Still having it with salsa is not bad either… Just my personal preference 🙂 French Fries was just like any other as we would expect.. Overall, a starter that can’t be faulted and something which I believe most people would like to have 🙂

After I was done with the starter, the Pizza that I was waiting for, finally arrived as shown in the pics below…


This is their Peri Peri Chicken Pizza which the waiter claimed to be their best seller and signature pizza…. As per the menu, it consists of in addition to the Chicken of-course, Bell Peppers, Onion Rings, Olives, Rocket Lettuce and Cheese, which the waiter claimed was a mix of imported mozzarella and cheddar… The freshly baked Pizza is served with some dried Oregano and Chilly Flakes to the side as can be seen in the pics…

First of all, I really liked how the Pizza looked… Not only the appearance but also the aroma of it as they served it… Everything about this pizza was exceptional for me… The Chicken which seemed to have been grilled with a really amazing barbecue sauce containing the Peri Peri as well… They were seen with a slight char on them which I felt added the smokiness to the taste… They used multiple kinds of bell peppers and also both the black and green olives… Onion rings were caramelised in the Pizza sauce, which was the classic tomato based sauce we see in Pizzas… The fresh rocket lettuce on top gave an additional crunch to the bite and the cheeses felt great… So, altogether this is an amazing pizza… To be frank, I really don’t know why anyone would want to use that oregano and chilly flakes with this… Anyways, this definitely is one of the best pizzas I have ever had and I am looking forward to trying it again soon… Its a must try…

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