Burger Trail Food @ Trivandrum

The Tower of TBO :)

I have been hearing quite a lot about the Ghost burger from The Brickhouse Oven cafe near Technopark, Trivandrum… To be frank, I got a bit scared at how it looked in the photos that saw people post in facebook and hence was avoiding it cause I travel alone most of the time and hence thought it would be too much for me to eat and I really hate wasting food…

So, recently I went back to the Brickhouse Oven after a long time and since the manager happened to be there, who knows me, requested that I try and let them know my feedback about it and so crumbling to the pressure, I agreed to try it… The pics below shows how it was served…

According to what the owner told me, this burger has a Crispy fried Chicken Zinger patty, A Vegetarian Patty, A Grilled Chicken Patty and Two crispy fried Onion Rings along with of course the Slaw, Lettuce, Cheese, Ketchup and Cocktail Sauce… The Burger is served with a handful of their Peri Peri Fries as can be see in the pics…


First of all, seeing the size, I adopted a strategy which was to simply discard the Bun and most of the Fries… So, once I deconstructed the burger like that, it didn’t look too big as I thought it to be cause, once you do that, you are left with is essentially what looks like an entrée consisting of Two Chicken Cutlets (one batter fried and one just roasted on the grill), One Vegetable Cutlet, Two Onion Rings and some Salad having Lettuce, Cheese, Cabbage, Carrots dressed in Ketchup and Cocktail sauce… Get it?? 😀 😛

Now coming to the taste, I loved the Zinger patty… It was crispy and juicy and seasoned perfectly… Reminded me of KFC’s zinger patty but with better seasoning… The Veg patty was ok, just like any other veg burger patty… The grilled chicken however ended up being overcooked and tough to chew… Another thing I loved is the onion rings… Incredibly crispy and light they were… I really wish they had these Onion rings separately in their menu but sadly, as the owner informed me, they only use Onion rings for the Ghost Burger… The slaw and cheese were all as usual with the cocktail sauce working really well in the whole Burger… However, I felt issue with the use of Ketchup as I felt too much of it was put in… I ended up having to scrape it off from the Patties to be able to enjoy them… And I tried a small piece of the bun too, but I didn’t like it as it was too dry… Their Peri Peri fries were good as always…


Altogether, I think this burger has the potential to be one of the finest burgers in the city… Just some minor tweaks only are needed as mentioned above… I am hoping to be able to try this burger again soon…

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