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Mamma Rosa: Fish Pie & Linzer Cookies

Having had the food from Mamma Rosa a few times so far, it has pretty much become my favourite provider of authentic European comfort foods in Trivandrum… It has however been a while since I last had their food and finally I got a chance to try again and here we are… 🙂

Not too long ago, the owner of Mamma Rosa sent me their new menu consisting of a few new additions to their menu… I have been hoping to try them but couldn’t for various reasons… So, finally when I got the chance now, I placed the order for an item that I wanted to try the most, namely the Fish Pie… Along with that, I also placed the order for a portion of their Linzer Cookies as well… The above pic shows how both of them arrived and the pic below shows them after unpacking… 🙂

So, first lets talk about the Fish Pie… I have been always wanting to try a Fish Pie ever since I saw Marco Pierre White’s Great British Feast… But sadly no matter how much I searched, it simply was not available anywhere until now since Mamma Rosa has started doing it… This is indeed a version of the classic fish pie and hence was very different compared to the meat pies that we have been seeing here where there is a pastry base and crust with a filling inside… Here, there was no base…. Crust was basically nothing but mashed potatoes with a slightly crispy layer on top thanks to the baking… The filling was basically Fish and Prawns cooked along with White sauce and Peas and appears to have some parsley, ground pepper and a few chilly flakes as well… Coming to the taste, both the Fish and the Prawns tasted quite fresh and I felt that they were seasoned perfectly… I liked the combination of the flavours of the Fish and Prawns along with the Peas and White sauce… The flavour of the herbs seemed to work well as well in this… However, I felt that the mashed potatoes were under-seasoned and hence I ended up having to add some some salt and pepper of my own to it… Other than that, the texture of the mash was quite creamy and the overall combination of flavours seemed to work great to me… That being said, I must warn the people who are into spicy and masala dominated foods as the meat pies we get in most bakeries, etc in India tend to be made with much more seasonings and spices/masala… If that is what you were hoping for, then this Fish Pie is not for you… As I said, this is the authentic European version and so I would recommend you try this only if you like non-spicy western food in general and the food from the international fast food chains don’t count 😛

Next lets talk about the Linzer Cookies… Linzer Cookies are said to have originated in the city of Linz in Austria and is a popular item in the bakeries of Europe… What makes them different from the regular cookies is the use of Almond Flour along with the regular Flour when making the cookies and then the assembly process of sandwiching two cookies with Jam in between with the top cookie having a lite dusting of powdered sugar and also having a cut-out so that the Jam is visible… Traditionally blackcurrant preserves were used but any fruit jam can be used… In the cookies I got here, it was Mango Jam that was used… Regarding the taste, first of all, I must say that the Jam used here was definitely one of the best Mango Jams I have ever tasted… The flavour of Mango was just incredible and there was a slight hint of citrus in there as well… Regarding the cookies themselves, they were incredibly lite and came apart at the slightest pressure… Overall I ended up liking these cookies very much and the only complaint I have is headed towards myself for not ordering more than one portion of them 😀

That’s it for now… As I said above, I ended up loving both the Fish Pie and the Linzer Cookies very much… There are still more items in their menu to try… Hopefully soon 🙂

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