Mamma Rosa: The Vegetarian Lasagne


After having the Chicken Lasagne made by the home-chef and friend Sanda Doina Toma, I obviously couldn’t resist when I saw a post by her yesterday where she has announced the name of her venture as Mamma Rosa and also mentioned the availability of a vegetarian version of the Lasagne… It peaked my interest especially since last time, my mom being a vegetarian couldn’t taste the Lasagne and so I decided to get one for her… So, yesterday I placed the order for today and Sanda herself did the delivery and the following pics show what I received… 🙂

For those who may be unaware, Lasagne is basically an Italian casserole kind of dish made by baking thin sheets of paste with fillings such as a ragù (typically Tomato based), meats, vegetables, cheese and seasonings, etc… The Lasagne that I got here, just like the previous Chicken version appeared to have layers of Béchamel as well along with the ragù which in this case was made using vegetables which appeared to include Peas, Onions, Carrots and Mushrooms including Shitake along with the Tomatoes…

Coming to the taste, well, just like before, I loved every bit of it… As soon as I opened the package, we could feel a nice aroma from it… Everything was cooked and seasoned perfectly for me including the salt level which was a bit on the high side last time… The inclusion of Shitake was a first experience for me in a Lasagne and I think its a great idea… The Cheese on top was a very thin layer which meant that it never dominated the flavour profile but rather was in balance with everything else… My only suggestion which I hope will further improve the experience would be to include more vegetables in there in between the layers instead of just peas and mushrooms in this case… Something like Green Beans, Broccoli and/or Baby Corns maybe?? 🙂

Anyways, I think this is a great Lasagne option for vegetarians and I would recommend that you try if you haven’t already… My parents and I ended up loving it so much that we finished the whole thing within minutes after delivery, cause I really had to struggle to take the pics that I included here (You can guess why) 😀 😛

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