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Bikash Babu Sweets: Birthday Celebration Part Deux

So, whats a Birthday Celebration without something sweet?? My mom is someone who doesn’t enjoy Cakes much and rather prefer Indian Sweets or anything that doesn’t contain eggs… So, it is she who asked us to get some sweets from Bikash Babu Sweets as she as well as the rest of us, have always loved their products ever since she first started having them… So, here we are with a few of their sweets namely, the Motipak, Motichoor Laddu, Kesar Kaju Roll and Kalakand as shown in the pics below 🙂

Now coming to the taste of each of these items, first of all, all of them are not exactly at the same level of Sweetness and typically most sweets of Bikash Babu are not as sweet as how most other places make and thats a good thing cause unlike those other places, here we get to taste the other ingredients rather than just the taste of Sugar which is how it should be…

So, the Motipak was the sweetest item in the bunch and to be frank, I felt it to be too sweet for my taste… However, I could get the flavour of Saffron, quite strong in-fact and the taste of that rose scented (again quite strong) and coloured dried Coconut sprinkled on top… I think if the sweetness was a bit lesser, this sweet would’ve been much more enjoyable… As for the Motichoor Laddu, the flavour profile was pretty much the opposite… I mean minimal sweetness in terms of Indian sweets standards and though the color looks that way, the intensity of Saffron flavour was quite minimal too… However, what dominated the flavour profile here were the flavours of Rose Water and especially Ghee (pretty much drenched in it)… That occasional presence of the Melon Seeds and the Pistachio added to the overall taste too… As for the Kesar Kaju Roll, sweetness was slightly higher than the Laddu but rather than Saffron as expected from its name, it was the taste and richness of the Cashews that dominated its flavour profile… Lastly the Kalakand was as sweet as the Kaju rolls but ofcourse, this one is a milk based sweet and hence the flavour of Milk Solids is what dominated its flavour profile and if I am not entirely mistaken, I think I felt the taste of Cardamom and a slight hint of Rose water in it as well… It ended up being my personal favourite from the bunch with my mom’s favourite being the Motipak… 🙂

Thats it for now… It is with these sweets that we ended up concluding the Birthday Celebration… Mine and my Dad’s birthdays are yet to come this year… Lets see what happens then 😀 😛

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