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Hotel Karthika Park: Birthday Special Breakfast

So, its my mom’s birthday today and to celebrate, this time again, we have a limitation which is that thanks to the Corona situation, we can’t obviously travel anywhere… So, among the options we can get home delivery from, my mom chose Hotel Karthika Park as its breakfast menu had everything she was hoping to get and also because she has always loved their food whenever she had… This breakfast menu is a new one that recently started showing up in the food delivery apps and so, decided to go ahead and get a few of the items, namely their Masala Dosa, Stuffed Paratha, Puttu with Kadala Curry and then for me and my dad, their Egg Roast and Masala Omelette and of-course there was enough food for everyone to share…

First lets talk about the Stuffed Parathas… We got two portions and it turned out to be Aloo Paratha and each portion came with a cup of Sweet Curd… The following pics show the same… Coming to the taste, first of all, as soon as we unpacked it, pretty much the whole room got filled with the fragrance of Ghee from this… Clearly it was made with the best quality wheat flour and the Potato stuffing was seasoned just right where the flavour of potatoes, onions and the lite spices used appeared to be in balance to the flavours of the Wheat and the Ghee… The Curd seemed to have been aged just right but we felt that it needed a bit more sweetness and so we ended up adding some sugar to it… Overall, definitely one of the best Aloo Parathas I have ever had… Only thing I missed is a good Northie style pickle to go with it… But its okay, loved it nevertheless… 🙂

Next up is the Masala Dosa… As we know, the Masala Dosa is one of the most popular South Indian breakfast item and like how its typically done, here too its made by Stuffing a Dosa with a Potato Masala and is served with Sambar and Chutney as can be seen in the pics below… Coming to the taste, again, I could feel the fragrance of Ghee from the Dosa… The Dosa itself was pretty much like any other but the Potato Masala inside felt special… Unlike how it is with most places, here the masala appeared to have quite a generous amount of Carrot in it and that provided a nice sweetness along with the Onions which was in contrast to the heat from the Green Chillies and the richness of Potatoes… The Sambar was one of the best and most flavourful Kerala style Sambar that we have had from any of the restaurants in Trivandrum and had quite a good amount of vegetables in it… The Chutney felt to be exactly like the Coconut Chutney that my mom makes here but with a bit more tempering for that volume… Overall, the Masala Dosa with the Sambar and Chutney felt nice to have as all flavours appeared to complement each other and was well balanced and clean…

Next up is the Puttu with Kadala Curry that came as shown in the pics below… First of all, the Puttu felt just like the Puttu from any other restaurant that we have had around here… Every so grainy and nothing special… The Kadala Curry, made with brown lentils or Channa though looked quite spicy cause of that intense red color, turns out to be not as spicy as it looks… It was spicy but medium level if you ask me but quite intense in terms of flavours of the non-chilly spices used here along with the fragrance and flavour of the Coconut Oil, Dried Red Chillies and Curry Leaves… However, in spite of this, the flavours of the Onions, Garlic and Tomatoes do come thru as well along with the Lentils which was perfectly cooked unlike how its usually seen from most places…

Next is what they call as the “Masala Omelette”… To be frank, I don’t understand why this Omelette is called so as I didn’t see the presence of any masala in it… Basically as can be seen in the pics below, it was like any other Kerala style Omelette that we see in most restaurants ie, Omelette seasoned with Salt and Pepper and made with chopped Onions, Tomato, Green Chillies and a little bit of Ginger and Coconut as well… It was a fine omelette but again, can’t understand the significance of “masala” in its name… 🙂

Last but not least is the Egg Roast that came as can be seen in the pics below… I got this to have with some of the Puttu and also cause of the curiosity to find out how they make the same… 🙂 So, turned out it was as expected, which is made using a couple of hard boiled eggs in pretty much a paste made with Onions and Tomatoes and spices and herbs… Coming to the taste, I felt that the taste of Caramelised Onions and Tomatoes is what dominated the flavour profile… The caramelisation felt to be at that perfect level where there was a bit of sweetness from those onions along with the tanginess of the tomatoes… Along with this, I felt the flavours of Cinnamon, Cloves and Mace along with Chillies, Curry Leaves, Ginger and especially Garlic… I don’t think there was any kind of Garam Masala used here and instead seemed to have the basic Chilly Powder (Kashmiri) and Turmeric Powder mix… Altogether, I loved the taste of this Egg Roast and it seemed to work well with the Puttu like I had hoped… 🙂

So, thats it for now… Safe to say that we thoroughly enjoyed the Breakfast spread as each and every item was indeed delicious and worth the price in terms of taste… There are still a few more items left from the Breakfast menu and we are hoping to be able to try them as well soon… 🙂

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