Kothy Restaurant: Fish Lunch Day


So, it was yet another day on which both me and my dad were craving to have some Fish along with Rice, which was already available at home for lunch… Plus, we had some leftover Fish Curry gravy as well which pretty much added to the craving… So, found a place that I haven’t seen in a long time in the food delivery apps and this place is called Kothy Restaurant which according to my “dark web research”, is located at Poundukadavu, which is not too far from my place… So, ordered two portions each of their Meen Peera and Netholi Fry for both me and my dad, but as the order was being prepared, I got a call from the restaurant that they ran out of Meen Peera and can only give me one portion and offered to give me a portion of Ayala Fry instead… I agreed for the same and here we are as can be seen from the following pic (No judgements pls as my dad doesn’t prefer to eat Ayala and hence let me have all of it 😛 )…

Lets talk about the food one by one and start with the Meen Peera… For those who may not be aware, Meen Peera is essentially a Kerala style stir fried fish recipe made using Fish, Coconut and Kokum or Green Mango or Tamarind as the main ingredients, along with of-course, the usuals like Shallots, Tomato, Chillies, Ginger, Garlic, Mustard and Curry Leaves with the basic dry spices (Chilly, Turmeric and Coriander powders), all cooked using Coconut Oil… Regarding the Meen Peera I got today was made using Sardines and Kokum along with the rest of expected ingredients… The chillies were quite spicy but overall, I felt that the dish was incredibly flavourful and the flavours were very well balanced as, in I could taste each and every ingredient used without anything overpowering anything else… I felt that I could just eat this as it is or with rice as a whole meal… Its the best way to eat Sardines if you ask me 🙂

Next up is the two Fried Fish that we got… For those who may not be aware, Netholi is Anchovies and Ayala is Mackerel… The spices used were exactly the same, as in the same basic Chilly (possibly Pepper as well), Turmeric and Coriander powder based marination along with Chilly Flakes, Ginger, Garlic and Curry Leaves and they also came with a small portion of a Salad consisting mostly of sliced Onions… My only complaint of both of them is that unfortunately, they were overcooked… Otherwise, the flavours were spot on and the fish clearly were fresh… Its just that if the cooking was right, they would’ve been amazing…

Anyways, the craving was satisfied, at-least thanks to the Meen Peera which both me and my dad simply loved… Hoping to get it again next time as well… Fingers crossed 🙂

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