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Vasanta Bhavan: Breakfast Spread

After having enjoyed the Parcel Meals from Vasanta Bhavan restaurant, I decided to go for trying them again when my parents asked me to order in food for breakfast today… So, ordered a few of the items from their Breakfast menu and turned out to be bit of a Kerala-Tamil fusion spread as can be seen from the pics below… 🙂

So, lets start with the Kerala side of the table… Here as shown in the pics below, we have the quintessential Puttu-Kadala combo consisting of the White Rice Puttu (steamed Rice Cakes) and the Kadala Curry which is the Kerala style Lentils curry made with roasted and ground Coconut, Curry Leaves and spices… I felt that the Puttu was incredibly soft with a fine texture and the Kadala Curry felt spicy enough and the flavours of the Coconut, Garlic and Curry Leaves did come through quite well, though for my personal taste, I wish it had a tiny bit more salt…

Coming to the Tamil side, as can be seen from the pics below, here we have a Ghee Roast Dosa and Pongal served with Chutneys and Sambar… The Dosa had a nice fragrance of Ghee and had some crispiness left considering that it was delivered… The flavour of the Dosa was just right as well… The Pongal also had a nice fragrance of Ghee as well and the flavour of the lentils was well felt along with the light spices used ie, the Cumin, Curry Leaves, Turmeric and especially Black Pepper… The texture felt just right as in rich with a bit of. greasiness in there… The Chutneys given were of three kinds namely the regular Coconut Chutney, the Red Chilly Chutney and also the Coriander Chutney… All three of them were well seasoned with the Chilly one being a bit extra spicy compared to others… The Sambar on the other hand, was a bit disappointing cause I expected to get the same Kerala style Sambar that I got last time with the Parcel Meals and this one turned out to be a slightly spicier version of the same pumpkin blend based Sambar that we get from any of those similarly named places… 🙂

In addition to everything mentioned above, we also had a couple of Rasavada and Sambar-Vada as well which arrived as shown in the pics below… The Rasavada is essentially Parippuvada (Vada made using Lentils) soaked in Rasam, and its a dish thats said to be one of the most known specialities of this city of Trivandrum… The Rasam that I got here was thankfully the exactly same Rasam that I got previously with the Parcel Meals and so loved it again… The Parippuvada was really well made and had a nice balanced flavour to it and as I mentioned previously, since I tend to usually not like Rasam, I usually tend to stay away from Rasavada as well… So, this turned out to be another nice exception… The Sambar-Vada was just like any other Sambar-Vada from any of the other places that sell them in Trivandrum except that here its a lot more spicier cause of the extra spicy Sambar and also those Green Chillies really made me feel like my mouth was burning…

So, altogether except for the Chilly accident, it was a nice breakfast for me… My parents also loved everything that we got and we are hoping to try more from their menu soon… 🙂

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