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Caffe Primo: Pesto Fried Fish with Mushroom Risotto and Sautéed English Veggies

So, we decided to have food from Caffe Primo again yesterday… My parents went for their usual and I went for the next item I wanted to try from their Continental Classics menu… Last time, as you may have read already, it was a platter having Prawns… This one is called “Pesto Fried Fish with Mushroom Risotto and Sautéed English Vegetables”… The pics I have included here shows what I got dumped onto my plate (once again, please excuse my untrained plating skills)… The Risotto and the vegetables were packed separately and the Fried Fish arrived coated with the Pesto as can be seen in the pics…

Pesto Fried Fish with Mushroom Risotto and Sautéed English Veggies from Caffe Primo

Coming to the taste, first of all, the Fish part felt like consisting of pieces of Fish Orly tossed with Pesto along with some cheese and olives… The Fish was cooked perfectly with crispy breading and incredibly soft, moist and flaky inside ie at that point of cooking where the meat has turned white and just set which is the perfect level of cooking for Fried Fish of this kind… The pesto felt nice with a dominating flavour of Basil and if I am not mistaken a hint of fresh Mint as well along with garlic and of-course the olive oil and salt… As mentioned above, there appeared to be a little bit of cheese and olive in there as you can see in the closeup pic, I guess added when they were tossing the Fried Fish with the Pesto… Overall, I felt the fish to be a bit too salty for my taste, but in the end it turned out to be ok since it seems to compensate for the “Risotto” which seemed to be lacking in salt… However, I felt the rice, in-spite of being clearly not an authentic risotto, seemed to have a nice flavour of Mushrooms and was incredibly creamy as well but unlike what I expected, it was the cream that dominated the taste and I am of the opinion that it should’ve been Mushroom that took the lead… However, it seemed to work well with the Fish and the seasonings seemed to balance themselves off when mixed together while eating… The “English Vegetables” were like how it was last time except that it had a bit more garlic this time and the baby corn appeared to have been substituted with a bit of Cabbage this time… The seasonings were pretty much the same as before as in, Chilly Flakes, Oregano and Thyme… Overall I felt like it tasted great when all components were mixed together but individually, there were flaws like the salt level, etc…

Overall, I felt that this platter is a great meal thats a must try if you like this cuisine and especially if you are into seafood like I am… 🙂 The portion size felt just right for one person to have as a meal… I realise that this has been Seafood twice in a row from that Continental menu at Caffe Primo and to be frank, I was hoping to get the Chicken based platter this time but sadly was not available… But of-course, no regrets as I did end up enjoying this Fish platter in the end… Anyways, hopefully next time 🙂

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