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Caffe Primo: Lemon Butter Garlic Prawns with Broccoli Rice and English Vegetables

It has been a while since I had food from Caffe Primo… Both me and my parents have always enjoyed their sliders and pizza ever since we tried them back when they opened… This time however, my parents in their infinite wisdom, decided to surprise me by getting me this new item from their continental menu… Apparently its the first time we even saw a continental section in their menu and those who know me personally are aware of the fact that if a restaurant has a continental section in their menu, I tend to order from it most of the time… So, what I got this time to try is a platter from the continental section called Lemon Butter Garlic Prawns with Broccoli Rice and English Vegetables and this post is about the same…

So, the pic above shows what arrived all dumped into my plate (pls excuse my untrained and almost mediocre plating skills 🙂 )… To be frank, I didn’t expect the cream sauce as when I heard the name Lemon Butter Garlic, I expected the prawns to be just marinated in lemon juice and pan fried using butter and garlic… And wondered for a second whether they got the order mixed up but seeing two slices of lemon along with the prawns made me realise that it is what was supposed to come, but still felt a bit strange since I can’t remember the last time I ever saw lemon being put in cream… Anyways, another surprise for me is the number of prawns (medium sized ones) that arrived as can be seen from the pics considering the price of the whole platter especially during these days when seafood prices are higher than ever and most places are pretty much treating them as if they are made up of gold… The rice and the vegetables were packed separately and there was a strong fragrance of butter as I opened the pack and I felt the vegetables looked fresh…

Now coming to the taste, to be frank, the white cream sauce pretty much felt like a cream soup as it was only as thick as the cream soups I have had before and even the taste reminded me of the Cream of Seafood soup I have had from other places earlier… Only difference here is the flavour of lemon and and a bit of extra garlic that could be felt all over it and it was a tiny bit more spicy thanks to the use of chilly flakes here… If I am not mistaken, I think I felt a hint of oregano and thyme in it as well and the prawns felt to have been cooked and seasoned perfectly… The rice felt like a spiced up Fried Rice, again thanks to the chilly flakes used, but of-course made using butter and as the name implies, with chopped broccoli added to it… I like broccoli when used like this with rice and I think is a great way to introduce broccoli to kids who may otherwise won’t like to eat it… I felt the rice was seasoned well that its possible to enjoy it on its own without any accompaniments… The “English Vegetables” as can be seen for the pics below consisted of Carrot, Zucchini, Broccoli and Baby Corn and they looked fresh and was indeed quite flavourful and crunchy… They looked to have been lightly sautéed with butter and again spiced up with chilli flakes and seasoned just like the other items on the plate… Even though seasonings were similar, they all seemed to work well together (this is the advantage of not letting the seasoning overpower the flavours of the ingredients) and overall, I liked the meal very much 🙂 This platter is definitely a must try in my opinion…

So, thats it for now… There are more options in the continental section of their menu and I for one am hoping to be able to try more of them soon… Fingers crossed… 🙂

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