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Kolamass Kitchen – Tender Coconut Pudding Cake

Time for another Cake Day… The occasion?? Well, its the 41st wedding anniversary of my parents… Usually, they celebrate by going out for dinner but this time, thanks to COVID-19, that was not possible and hence we decided to go for a cake for the first time for it… So, obviously being the foodie in the family, I was tasked with finding the perfect cake and thats when I noticed that Kolamass Kitchen had recently posted photos of some new cakes and there were a couple of options made with Tender Coconut as the ingredient which is a favourite of my parents… I have had food from Kolamass Kitchen before and I like their home cooked food and so I decided to try contacting the owner about it… The result was this Tender Coconut Pudding Cake as shown in the pic below… 🙂

According to what the owner told me, this cake is made up of Sponge Cake made using Tender Coconut along with a layer of Tender Coconut Pudding and Whipped Cream frosting again made using Tender Coconut topped with Tender Coconut Pudding balls and Cherries with some Parsley (just as a garnish)…

Now coming to the taste, first of all that Sponge was incredibly lite and airy… Tasted nice on its own too… Not too sweet with nice flavour of Vanilla as well… The Tender Coconut pudding layer had a nice flavour of Tender Coconut too along with ground flesh of the Tender Coconut in it as well… The Panna Cotta was lite and fluffy and it had just the right amount of sweetness… The balls on top was the same pudding too… The Whipped Cream frosting had the flavour of Tender Coconut as well and so whole cake clearly had no shortage of the taste of Tender Coconut… Overall it was a nice combination of Tender Coconut and Vanilla that I got in this cake… The Cherry on top obviously gave a refreshing fruity element to it and the parsley on top – well, it was definitely a unique taste to chew on it with the cake though not everyone’s cup of tea in my opinion… Ofcourse it was included just as a garnish so think of it just like how many bakers use plastic and paper based decorations…

Overall, I think this certainly was one of the best tasting cakes I have ever had… That too a Tender Coconut based one which I don’t think I have had one this good ever… Kudos to Kolamass Kitchen for making this… Hoping to try more from them soon… 🙂

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