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To All Teachers

The first time I saw the Victers channel was when I was studying in 10th std. It was Victers which helped me score good marks without going for any extra tuition classes. After that during +1 and +2, I have been watching it whenever I could.

I subscribed to their Youtube channel when I heard that the curriculum for the upcoming year will be available. I guess it is the typical nostalgia of school days that made me do the same. The first notification that I saw was for the “First Bell” for 1 std class. I remember my old teacher “Chitra” from 1st std who took the Malayalam classes and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she was the one who taught me to write. When I saw the video, it was her whom I remembered.

“If human beings are complex creatures, then children are even more complex to handle” – These were the words by our Niveditha-mam after reading the introduction to Dr. Meherban Singh’s Clinical Paediatrics. There are various ways to communicate with a child, but to teach, the only way is to grab that child’s attention through stories, rhymes, etc in a certain way to enable that child to understand whats being conveyed – this is not easy to do. Doctors usually prescribe anything after careful consideration of many parameters including his/her age, age, weight, height, bmi, etc. It is based on these parameters that doctors advice parents about appropriate nutrition; but, the psychological development/growth of a child happens not only at home, but also at his/her school. The first friendships, the first experience in an environment without the presence of his/her mother, first studies and a motherly presence who is not really the mother are all experienced in a school. For most of us, if we do consider somebody to be a second mother, then thats most likely to be the teacher who had taught us in school.

But, recently, we the society consisting of people, including myself, have seen the lessons that you were imparting to the children and then created, seen, enjoyed and shared trolls, statuses that were of utmost perverted in nature and even took screenshots of a good teacher and created armies, etc in her name. We are not people who have not been to a school and experienced the care of at-least a teacher. Besides, you yourself have become teachers because of the influence your teachers had or have on you.

I don’t think this is a matter of just the Sexual Frustration of malayalis but also due to the rise of this culture of trolling anything and everything these days. Otherwise, no existing troll groups would’ve encouraged this behaviour, no one would’ve shared these trolls, no citizen would’ve shared them or made them as their statuses on social networks.

This generation in which unfortunately I belong to has been using technology, often against fellow citizens for the past few years. This is a land where were have the “100% literacy” of joining in, if anyone is seen being mocked or ridiculed, where any well dressed woman is a “kuttus” and any woman with a strong conviction is impudent and of “bad or questionable character”. Even yesterday I saw one guy saying proudly that the teacher arrived at morning 9 am and by 6, “boys” found “complete details” about her. If this is how low the thinking of malayalis are now, I have no shred of doubt that the coming generations would be even worse or much worse where they would satisfy their lust even on women passing by on the road. It is even possible that tomorrow, even rape would become considered as something to be trolled. That is something which is extreme.

It is said that insulting a teacher is in effect, insulting ones own parent through them. If the society in which I also belong, had resisted this instead of participating in it, or at-least criticised it, I think you all would not have had to be at the receiving end of all this mockery. I am deeply saddened seeing the image and state of my homeland. Having silently encouraged others towards this behaviour by not reacting and for my homeland being in this state, I can only beg for your forgiveness !!!

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