Corona Virus Infection: Home Isolation Instructions

These are the instructions to be followed for Potential Patients who have been advised to remain in Home Isolation.

  1. Patients have to avoid direct contact with other members of household.
  2. Bystanders must use Protective measures like Mask and Gloves while handling the patient.
  3. Avoid direct contact with the patients’ bodily fluids of any kind.
  4. Always wash hands with soap after contact with the Patient, even after just entering the patient’s room.
  5. Always use clean paper or cloth towels after washing hands.
  6. Ensure safe/proper disposal of masks, gloves, towels, etc after use.
  7. The patient’s room must be bath attached and well ventilated.
  8. Avoid use of plates, cups and other utensils that have been used by the patient by other members of the household.
  9. Clothes must be washed using Bleaching Powder (3 tsp for 1 litre of water) and sun dried before use every time.
  10. When coughing or sneezing, the mouth and nose must be covered using a clean towel at all times.
  11. Avoid visitors at all costs.
  12. Always clean the room, bathroom, furniture, etc used by the patient using bleaching powder.

P. S. Information Courtesy: Kerala Police Official Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/keralapolice/)

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